Was the Nord Stream Pipeline Bombing an Inside Job by the United States?


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Well, well, well, isn’t this a plot twist straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster? The leaked video and General McChrystal’s claims have us all scratching our heads and wondering if we accidentally stumbled into a spy thriller. Who knew that behind the scenes of global politics and energy deals, there could be a secret explosion orchestrated by the United States? It seems like international relations just got a dash of explosive drama! Let’s grab our popcorn and watch as the world spins with conspiracy theories and intrigue, all while wondering who’s the real mastermind behind this Nord Stream pipeline bombing spectacle. Move over, James Bond; it looks like the real action is happening in the realm of geopolitics!

In a recently leaked video, retired four-star General Stanley A. McChrystal, known for his removal from command by Barack Obama due to critical remarks on his administration, raises suspicions about the United States’ involvement in the Nord Stream pipeline bombing. The video captured a covertly recorded conversation where McChrystal divulges information that has since sparked controversy and intrigue.

Uncovering the Leaked Video: General McChrystal’s Bold Claims

General McChrystal’s Controversial Insights

In the leaked video, obtained by Valuetainment Media, General McChrystal, renowned for his leadership in the Joint Special Operations Command during the Iraq War, engages in an off-record conversation about Russia. The clip begins with the general stating that there seems to be no readily apparent solution to Russia’s situation, and while he believes Putin should step down, he sees no viable replacements currently.

Speculations on Nord Stream Bombing

When questioned about his views on the Nord Stream pipeline bombing, McChrystal reveals that both he and his son, who works in the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), do not believe Russia or Ukraine were behind the attack. This claim contradicts the popular theories surrounding the incident, leading to further intrigue.

The U.S. as the Beneficiary

McChrystal goes on to explain that the United States stood as the primary beneficiary of the Nord Stream bombing. He suggests that the ones profiting from the bombing were those involved in natural gas production worldwide, and the United States, in particular, reaped significant financial gains from the incident. According to the general, the U.S. altered its policy to supply liquid natural gas overseas, further strengthening the nation’s position in the global energy market.

Corroborating Reports: Seymour Hersh’s Findings

Interestingly, General McChrystal’s statements align with a report released by journalist Seymour Hersh in February, which delved into how the Biden regime’s forces orchestrated the Nord Stream pipeline’s destruction in an apparent attempt to bolster President Biden’s chances of re-election in 2024. The convergence of these claims from separate sources adds weight to the suspicions surrounding the Nord Stream incident.

Controversy and Implications

Since the leak of the video and the subsequent reports, there has been significant controversy surrounding General McChrystal’s claims. Accusations and theories about the United States’ involvement in the pipeline bombing have sparked debates on national and international levels. Many question the implications of such actions on global energy dynamics, political landscapes, and international relations.


The leaked video featuring General Stanley A. McChrystal’s controversial claims has opened Pandora’s box of questions and speculations. As the discussions continue, the world awaits further evidence and clarifications to determine the truth behind the Nord Stream pipeline bombing. The implications of these claims, if substantiated, could have far-reaching consequences on both national and global stages, making it a matter of great significance and intrigue in the realm of geopolitics.

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