Vanessa Kerry’s Ambitious Vision: A New World Order Requires Sacrifices


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Vanessa Kerry, daughter of the renowned figure John Kerry, has ascended to a new echelon of influence within the World Economic Forum (WEF), urging for a radical transformation of the global landscape. Her recent promotion to the board of Agenda Contributors has not only elevated her status but also unveiled her audacious agenda: the establishment of a world government, regardless of the consent of “we the people“.

Vanessa Kerry’s Call for Global Governance

In her fervent address to fellow members of the WEF, Vanessa Kerry outlines her grand design for a globalist coup d’état, leveraging the mechanisms entrenched within the World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty. Her proposition? A seamless transition towards a world government, answerable to none but the elite.

Exploiting Crisis: The Art of Fear-Mongering

Vanessa Kerry paints a grim picture, asserting that humanity has been effectively ‘softened up’ by the recent Covid pandemic. Now, she advocates for an escalation of fear-based narratives, particularly revolving around climate change, as a means to coerce humanity into relinquishing its remaining freedoms.

The Convenient Nexus: Climate Crisis as a Health Crisis

In a deft maneuver, Kerry aligns the purported climate crisis with health concerns, thereby inviting the intervention of institutions like the World Health Organization. This fusion not only broadens the scope of control but also conveniently consolidates power within the hands of the elite.

The Deceptive Narrative: Fake News and Fabricated Realities

Despite scientific rebuttals, Vanessa Kerry persists in propagating falsehoods. Her attempt to intertwine climate change with the Covid pandemic serves as a glaring example of the elite’s manipulation of public perception, paving the way for further encroachments on individual liberties.

The Illusion of Consent: A Charade of Democracy

Kerry dismisses the notion of public will, asserting the necessity for the global elite to assert dominance over the trajectory of human civilization. Her vision entails a stark surrender to digital serfdom, epitomizing a dystopian reality where ownership and sovereignty become relics of the past.

Echoes of Totalitarianism: Tyranny in Disguise

The parallels between Kerry’s rhetoric and totalitarian regimes of the past are unsettling. By advocating for unrestricted control under the guise of crisis management, she reveals her allegiance to a far-left techno-fascist agenda, where dissent is silenced and individual autonomy is sacrificed at the altar of global governance.

Resisting the Tyranny: Awakening to the Reality

Despite the relentless push towards subjugation, voices of dissent refuse to be silenced. Ordinary citizens, awakened to the sinister machinations of the elite, are mobilizing to reclaim their rights and resist the encroachment of tyranny.

Conclusion: A Battle for Humanity

Vanessa Kerry’s brazen advocacy for a ‘New World Order’ underscores the pivotal juncture at which humanity finds itself. As the specter of totalitarianism looms large, the choice between complacency and resistance has never been more stark. In this epoch-defining struggle, the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

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