Vaccine Expert Warns: Disease X Looms, Poised to Surpass Covid-19


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During an interview on Fox News, Dr. Peter Hotez, a vaccine expert nominated for the Nobel Prize, raised concerns about a potential new pandemic referred to as “Disease X.”

As the co-director of the Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development, Dr. Hotez cautioned that that this unidentified illness could surpass the impact of Covid-19.

Reports from Fox 26 in Houston, TExas covered Dr. Hotez’s warning, showcasing his statement expressing concern about the nation’s preparedness to safeguard its citizens fully. HE stressed the likelihood of recurring pandemic threats, labeled as ‘Disease X,’ emerging in the future. According to him, while Covid-19 served as a preliminary event, the next potential pandemic might be less severe or, conversely, more severe.

Addressing the issue of combating these potential threats, Dr. Hotez emphasized the importance of additional vaccines as a solution, highlighting the necessity for proactive measures.

When queried about the recent surge in pandemics over the past decade, Dr. Hotez attributed this trend, albeit controversially, to climate change.

Concluding the segment, the Fox anchor informed viewers about the unpredictability of the timing of ‘Disease X,’ the impending pandemic, based on scientists’ warnings.

Recent developments in China, where the government reintroduced mask and social distancing mandates due to a mysterious pneumonia outbreak, further underscore the global concern about potential health crises.

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