UN Climate Summit Serves Juicy Beef While Urging Reduction in Meat Consumption


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At the United Nations COP28 climate summit in Dubai, attendees can enjoy a diverse array of gourmet cuisine from various vendors, including those serving beef dishes. Meanwhile, the summit is also set to release a report that may recommend reducing beef consumption in Western countries.

According to the summit’s online portal, its food offerings include “juicy beef,” “slabs of succulent meat,” smoked wagyu burgers, Philly cheesesteaks and “melt-in-your-mouth BBQ” in addition to African street BBQ, fast casual Mexican fare and an Asian option that has a “touch of French flair.” The revelation comes as the U.N. faces criticism for preparing a first-of-its-kind report that is expected to be published at the summit and call for lower meat consumption.

The Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (U.N.) is set to release its inaugural global food systems’ plan in an upcoming session of the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28). This plan is anticipated to advise countries that engage in excessive meat consumption to curtail their intake, as part of a wider endeavor to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. The U.N. has persistently advocated for individuals to adbandon animal-based diets, due to their significant environmental impact.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, the organization expressed the importance of a creative strategy and a tangible set of remedies to transform agrifood systems.

The Global Roadmap serves as a strategic instrument to showcase how taking quick actions against climate change can revolutionize agricultural and food systems. These actions can tackle current and future food security and nutrition issues without surpassing the 1.5 degrees Celsius limit. FAO is advocating for sustainable and nourishing food for both the present and the future through this roadmap.

During an upcoming COP28 session, the Food & Agriculture Organization of the U.N. will release a global food systems’ road map for the first time. It is anticipated that this roadmap will propose guidelines for nations that excessively consume meat to restrict their consumption in order to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on a larger scale.

“The core goal is to achieve [Sustainable Development Goal 2]; Zero Hunger, while being climate-friendly, to attract climate financing for mitigation, adaptation, and resilience, along with the actions required to support the achievement of 1.5 degrees (by 2050) based on country commitment, consensus, and country transition,” FAO’s statement continued.

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