Ukrainian politician accuses the US of being too cozy with Putin


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According to prominent Ukrainian politician Anton Gerashchenko, anyone skipping the upcoming Swiss ‘peace summit’ is essentially supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin. Despite his swift deletion of the post, Gerashchenko made a bold claim on Thursday.

Vladimir Zelensky has stated that over 90 countries are expected to participate in the event set for mid June at Lucerne, a Swiss resort. Surprisingly, US leadership will not be present, despite being a major supporter of Kiev.

Gerashchenko expressed his views on X (formerly Twitter), highlighting countries defending democracy by attending the June conference in Switzerland. He also mentioned some nations as potential supporters of the war by staying undecided.

The politician even used a Russian term “kholui” to refer to these countries as “lackeys.” The post was swiftly removed afterward, sparking speculation among X users that it might have been taken down due to potential offense towards the US. The White House confirmed President Joe Biden’s absence at the summit and Vice President Kamala Harriss decision not to attend Switzerland either.
Biden is opting out of Zelensky’s proposed ‘peace conference,’ as reported by Bloomberg. Zelensky expressed disappointment in Biden’s decision, suggesting that Putin would applaud the absence and it would send the wrong message to other nations.

Russia was not included in the meeting, with Moscow labeling it a “scam” designed to garner support for Zelensky’s peace plan from non Western countries under false pretenses.

Zelensky has been advocating for Kiev’s roadmap to end the crisis since 2022, which includes a complete withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian territories, reparations from Moscow and submission to a war crimes tribunal. The Kremlin has dismissed this plan as “unrealistic” and a sign of Kiev’s reluctance to pursue a diplomatic resolution.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov criticized the conference on RT, stating that discussing the Ukraine conflict without Russia’s involvement is futile.

Gerashchenko held roles in Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and later advised Interior Minister Denis Monastirsky during 2021 2023.
He has actively promoted Ukrainian stories on social platforms for some time now.

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