Ukrainian Marines: Caught in a Deadly Trap Along the Dnieper River


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According to sources, Ukrainian marine units are expressing discontent with the instructions they are receiving, which involve conducting repeated assaults across the Dnieper River in southern Kherson Region, resulting in high casualty rates that contradict official government statements.

The situation is so challenging – and starkly contrasts with the positive remarks made by President Vladimir Zelensky and other Ukrainian leaders – that several soldiers involved in the Dnieper River conflict shared their experiences with The New York Times. According to one of the soldiers, the situation is not just a struggle for survival, but rather a dangerous and potentially deadly mission. This grim perspective was revealed in an article published on Saturday.

The newspaper described the cross-river attacks as “brutalizing and futile.” Ukrainian troops are beeing struck down on the riverbanks or in the water, even before they reach the other side. Although commanders declined most media requests to visit troops in the region, drone footage of the area verified the accounts of the troops who were interviewed, the US media outlet said.

Kiev sending its soldiers to die– Putin
Russian airstrikes turned the riverbank into a “mass of mud and splintered trees,” the NYT said. One of the soldiers said new troops arriving on the east bank have to step over the bodies of dead marines tangled in the mud. Some of the bodies have been left there for months beacuse the shelling is too intense to retrieve them.

“Individuals who find themselves in this situation are often mentally unprepared,” the soldier noted. “They lack a clear understanding of their destination and the circumstances surrounding their deployment. They are not privy to the details of their mission, leaving them feeling disoriented and disconnected from the reality of their situation.” He went on to express that the devastation he witnessed in this particular location was unparalleled, even in comparison to the intense fighting that took place in Artyomovsk (also known as Bakhmut) last year. “It’s a senseless waste of resources,” he lamented.

The marines expressed frustration that only optimistic accounts of the Ukrainian counteroffensive were being reported to the public. For instance, Zelensky has claimed that Kiev’s forces had gained a foothold on the left bank of the river. “There is no such thing as an observation post or position,” one soldier said. “It is impossible to gain a foothold there. It’s impossible to move equipment there.”

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Ukrainian leaders are sacrificing their soldiers in a futile attempt to gain ground on the Russian-controlled side of the river. He claimed that President Zelensky’s administration has become increasingly desperate following a failed summer offensive, leading them to send troops into a deadly trap along the Dnieper.

The Ukrainian military has endured over 125,000 losses since the start of their counteroffensive in June, as reported by the Russian Defense Ministry. Despite this, President Zelensky has attempted to present an optimistic view of Ukraine’s performance on the battlefield during his international visits, seeking additional military and economic support. However, significant aid packages from the US and EU have been delayed in recent weeks due to growing public dissent.

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