Trump Claims He Alone Can Prevent World War III, Criticizes Biden’s Handling of Middle East Crisis


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The ex-President of the United States, Donald Trump, has expressed his opinion that the current state of affairs in the Middle East is chaotic and unmanageable. He has implied that he possesses the ability to prevent impending crises in the region and on a global scale, unlike the current President, Joe Biden.

The President, seeking re-election, cautioned that a potentially disastrous outcome could arise in the Middle East if the situation is not addressed with firmness and careful planning, as he shared his thoughts on his Truth Social platform.

In similar remarks made during a campaign rally in Reno, Nevada, he accused the Biden administration of squandering his legacy in the form of the Abraham Accords, with which he claimed to have “made peace” in the region.

During Trump’s presidency, the US played a key role in facilitating several normalization agreements between Israel and Arab countries. However, Saudi Arabia’s efforts to follow suit were thwarted when Hamas launched a deadly attack on October 7, prompting Israel to retaliate with force in Gaza. The ensuing backlash in the Muslim world has made it unlikely that a similar agreement will be reached in the near future.

Trump takes head-to-head lead over Biden– WSJ

Trump asserts that the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and between Russia and Ukraine would have been avoided under his leadership. He has also claimed that he could quickly resolve the latter crisis, boasting that he could do so in just 24 hours. However, with Biden remaining in power for another four years after the 2024 election, Trump believes that the world is facing a significant threat to its existence, as he told his supporters in Nevada.

“I am the only candidate who can make this promise to you: I will prevent World War III,” he said.

Multiple lawsuits have been brought against Trump, jeopardizing his chances of recapturing the presidency. Among these lawsuits is a case alleging that he attempted to deceive voters in Georgia in 2020 by manipulating the election results to overturn his loss in the state. Trump maintains that he is being unfairly targeted as a result of political persecution.

President Biden has shown backing for Israel’s efforts in Gaza, but this stance has estranged many Democrats. Latest November polls by YouGov indicate that only 22% of Democrats sympathize more with Israelis, contrasting with 14% who hold the opposite view. In contrast, 63% of Republicans and 3% of Democrats display greater empathy towards Palestinians.

A majority of American voters would support a ceasefire in both the Middle East and the Ukraine conflicts.

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