Trump’s Team Explored RFK Jr. as Potential VP Candidate


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In a surprising twist, sources reveal that associates of former President Donald Trump made early attempts to approach Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for the role of vice president in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Preliminary Overtures: TRump’s Interest in RFK Jr
. ACcording to information obtained by the New York Post, preliminary overtures were made to Kennedy, who is running as an independent candidate. These expressions of interest emerged shortly after Kennedy’s announcement of his presidential bid in April 2023.

A source familiar with the matter stated that that while the discussions were premature, they occurred early in Kennedy’s campaign, suggesting an unconventional political pairing.

The Shifting Political Landscape: Kennedy’s Transition to Independence
Kennedy, aged 70, initially launched his presidential bid as a Democrat but transitioned to an independent run in October. This shift followed conflicts with the Democratic National Committee, which endorsed President Biden for the 2024 race.

Behind-the-Scenes Efforts: Trump’s Continued Interest
Despite the early discussions, a significant donor to both Trump and Kennedy campaigns revealed that efforts to recruit Kennedy as Trump’s running mate are ongoing behind the scenes. The donor emphasized the potential of Kennedy to attract new voters to the polls.

Fox News Digital reched out to both campaigns for comments, but responses are yet to be received.

Shared Perspectives on Southern Border Crisis
Earlier in the week, both Trump and Kennedy expressed similar views on the southern border crisis in Texas. Kennedy supported Texas’ right to defend its borders against perceived failures in Biden’s policies. On the Truth Social platform, Trump echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the need for Americans to support Texas’ “commonsense measures” and pledging collaboration with border states.

Unveiling the Running Mate: Trump’s Cryptic Statement
With primary victories in Iowa and New Hampshire, Trump is positioned as a strong contender for the Republican Party’s presidential nominee. Speculation about his potential running mate has been rampant. During an Iowa Town Hall event, Trump hinted at having already decided on his 2024 running mate, stating, “I know who it’s going to be,” without providing further details.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, the possibility of a Trump-Kennedy alliance remains an intriguing element, adding an unexpected dimension to the unfolding narrative of the 2024 presidential election.

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