Trudeau’s Regime: Canada’s Quest to Ban Christianity


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In a plot twist fit for a farcical sitcom, the Trudeau regime in Canada seems to have stumbled upon its next endeavor: banning Christianity. Yes, you read that right – Christianity, that age-old religion with a penchant for turning water into wine and preaching love thy neighbor, is now on Canada’s hit list under the guise of radical new ‘hate speech’ laws.

Bill C-367: Where Logic Takes a Vacation

Enter Bill C-367, the brainchild of bureaucrats who apparently skipped the logic class in law school. This bill seeks to criminalize the mere act of expressing an opinion based on a religious text. Picture this: quoting the Bible on Canadian soil could soon land you in hot water, all because it’s deemed ‘antisemitic.’ Yes, you heard that correctly – because apparently, religious texts are now public enemy number one.

From Logic to Lunacy: The Trudeau Tango

But wait, it gets even more ludicrous. Prior to this Christian crackdown, Canada dabbled in various attempts to snuff out the faith. From going after pastors for keeping their churches open during a pandemic (gasp, the horror!) to labeling Christianity as ‘homophobic’ and ‘transphobic,’ the Trudeau tango has been nothing short of a slapstick routine.

The Antisemitic Twist: A Plot Thickens

And now, the pièce de résistance: tying Christianity to antisemitism. Because apparently, if you’re not towing the line of political correctness, you’re guilty by association. Never mind the fact that Christians, Muslims, and even non-religious folks are all caught in the crossfire of this absurdity.

A Comedy of Errors Unleashed

In a country where religious tolerance is supposedly at an all-time low – according to a survey, no less – it seems like logic has taken a permanent vacation. With C-367 poised to unleash a circus of persecution, one can’t help but wonder: is Canada ready for this comedic catastrophe?

The Punchline: Brace Yourselves

As Martin Armstrong aptly puts it, what’s happening in Canada is not just a local farce but a global trend in the making. So, brace yourselves, dear readers, for the punchline of this absurd comedy may just be the precursor to a worldwide encore.

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