Trudeau Liberals Ink $105.3 Million Deal with WEF for Digital ID Development


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In the realm of eyebrow-raising collaborations, the Trudeau government has certainly outdone itself. Unveiling a whopping $105.3 million contract, they’ve teamed up with none other than the World Economic Forum (WEF) to cook up a Known Traveler Digital ID. Move over, conspiracy theories – this is contractual reality at its finest.

The Shocking Revelation

Conservative firebrand and perennial leadership contender, Leslyn Lewis, took it upon herself to peel back the bureaucratic curtain. With the tenacity of a bloodhound, she unearthed a juicy tidbit buried within an Order Paper question signed by none other than Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra. And what did she find? That the WEF, infamous for its cozy relationships with global elites, is cozying up to our federal government to birth this digital behemoth.

A Match Made in (Contractual) Heaven

Transport Canada spilled the beans, confirming the WEF’s involvement as one of several partners in the Known Traveler Digital Identity (KTDI) Project. But wait, there’s more – this spectacle isn’t just a one-man show. Alongside the WEF, we have an eclectic mix including the governments of Canada and the Netherlands, bigwigs like Air Canada and Royal Dutch Airlines, and even airports like Toronto Pearson, Montréal-Trudeau, and Schiphol International. It’s like the United Nations of digital identification, but with more baggage fees.

A Budgetary Boondoggle

If you’re wondering where all that taxpayer dough is going, wonder no more. Budget 2021 swooped in like a fairy godmother with a check for $105.3 million over five years, earmarked specifically for this grand adventure in digital identity. Because, you know, what’s a few million amongst friends when you’re revolutionizing the way we traipse through airports?

Piloting Into the Unknown

But fear not, dear citizens, for the WEF and its cohorts assure us that they’re not just twiddling their thumbs with our hard-earned cash. Oh no, they’re knee-deep in “piloting components of the KTDI concept in a real-life, cross-border context.” Translation: they’re playing digital guinea pigs with our travel data to see what sticks. And if that’s not enough, they’re also keen on rubbing elbows with international regulatory bodies and industry big shots to develop those elusive best practices and standards. Because if there’s one thing we need more of, it’s standards – preferably not of the double variety.

Stay Tuned for the Digital Drama

As with any good soap opera, this saga is far from over. Keep your eyes peeled for updates, twists, and turns in this riveting tale of government largesse and techno-utopian dreams. After all, in the world of digital IDs, the only thing certain is uncertainty.

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