The Hidden Manipulation Behind the Global Coronavirus Response


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I typically steer clear of conspiracy theories, believing that blunders are more frequent than conspiracies. However, I’ve abandoned the notion that the global response to the coronavirus is merely a series of mistakes. The mounting evidence suggests we are being manipulated.

The Reclassification of Coronavirus in the UK

In March, UK government advisers determined that coronavirus was not a high-consequence infectious disease. This crucial information, largely ignored by mainstream media, was reported exclusively on my website. Despite this reassuring news, the UK government swiftly enacted a 358-page Emergency Bill and imposed a nationwide lockdown. The rapid shift from downplaying the virus to enforcing stringent measures raised immediate questions.

Disparity in Death Toll Reporting

Globally, the alleged death toll from coronavirus stands at 300,000, a figure widely believed to be exaggerated. In comparison, up to 650,000 people can die during a severe flu season, yet we’ve never witnessed lockdowns or social distancing on such a scale for the flu. This discrepancy points to manipulation of public perception regarding the virus’s severity.

Silencing Opposition

Dissent against the official narrative is being aggressively suppressed. YouTube, for instance, has been shutting down channels that disseminate “unacceptable” information challenging government positions. After YouTube inexplicably banned two of my videos, I preemptively stopped using their platform. Despite this, some of my original content and critiques of YouTube’s policies remain accessible—for now.

Promotion of Fear

Governments globally are promoting fear through various means, including mass hypnosis techniques to control populations. This fear-mongering aligns with the hidden agendas aimed at gaining power and control. One such agenda, often overlooked, is population control.

Impact of Social Distancing and Lockdowns

The world is undeniably overpopulated, but coronavirus alone won’t significantly reduce global numbers. However, social distancing and lockdowns will profoundly impact population dynamics. These measures are not just about preventing the spread of the virus; they’re also about hindering social interaction.

Social Isolation and Population Control

Young, single individuals are particularly affected. They are required to wear masks, making it impossible to see facial expressions, and maintain a six-foot distance from others outside their household. Nightclubs, pubs, and cinemas—venues traditionally used for socializing and meeting new people—are off-limits unless attendees are from the same household. This enforced isolation severely limits the formation of new relationships, leading to fewer new partnerships and, consequently, fewer births.

Long-Term Consequences

Jokes about a lockdown baby boom are misplaced. In reality, the medium and long-term effects will be a significant decline in young people forming new relationships. This will result in a substantial drop in birth rates, furthering the agenda of those who seek to control the global population.


The response to the coronavirus pandemic is far from a series of accidental missteps. It appears to be a deliberate effort to manipulate and control the population. From reclassifying the virus’s threat level to imposing lockdowns and promoting fear, the evidence suggests a coordinated attempt to reshape society and reduce global population growth. It’s crucial to remain vigilant and question the motivations behind these unprecedented measures.

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