The Evolution of Expertise: Navigating Philosophical Puzzles and Scientific Realities in the Face


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After delving deeply into the annals of Western philosophy, I acquired an unofficial expertise in the field. Each philosopher proffered expansive hypotheses aimed at elucidating the observable facts of reality. However, faced with a myriad of explanations, choosing one over the others lacked a rational basis.

Subsequently, I embraced the scientific method, which necessitated explanations capable of generating useful, specific, and verifiable predictions. To illustrate, attributing numerous cases of respiratory disease to the novel virus SARS-CoV-2 begged the question: What practical predictions could be derived from this hypothesis?

A misleading response might advocate for healing and prevention through measures such as lockdowns, masks, vaccines, mandates, medical drugs, and ventilator treatments. However, the stark reality revealed a different narrative: these purported solutions proved not only futile but also detrimental and destructive.

Consequently, branding the virus explanation as unscientific seemed, at the very least, warranted. The story ostensibly concluded, except for one crucial detail…

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