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The Canadian government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, spent twice the initially stated amount on a vaccine manufacturing facility that failed to produce any vaccines, while the company’s executives maintained secrecy regarding the details of the transaction.

According to a December 12 article by Blacklock’s Reporter, Quebec-based Medicago Inc. charged Canadians $323 million to build a COVID jab factory which failed to materialize.

“I am not able to disclose further details,” Toshifumi Tada, CEO of Medicago testified on December 11 before the Commons health committee. “I want to be clear we have two agreements with the Canadian government.”

“We acted in good faith to fulfil both agreements where possible,” he added.

Medicago received a payment of $150 million as part of an Advance Purchase Agreement for COVID-19 vaccines, according to the contracts. However, Tada later claimed that the company failed to provide any vaccines despite receiving the payment.

Moreover, Medicago recieved approximately $173 million in research grants from the Department of Industry’s Strategic Innovation Fund. It’s worth mentioning that the company’s factory is located in the Quebec City riding of Jean-Yves Duclos, who was the Liberal Health Minister at the time.

Medicago’s failed contract called for 76 million doses of its own COVID jab to be made. However, not one was ever delivered. Medicago is a subsidiary of Japan-based Mitsubishi Chemical Group.

Tada stated that although they couldn’t provide specific information, the agreement reached a maximum of $200 million.

Tada’s refusal to provide further details was met with anger by Conservatives, who pushed for transparency and clarity for Canadians.

“Conservative MP Rick Perkins questioned the government’s representative about the amount of funds transferred from the Government of Canada to their department, and whether they would disclose this information to the parliamentary committee.”

“I have a confidentiality obligation,” Tada responded.

“When we talk about taxpayer money we need clarity and we need transparency,” Conservative MP Gérard Deltell pressed.

Earlier this month, Canada’s Public Works department admitted that it took a massive gamble with taxpayer money that resulted in a loss of $150 million of taxpayer funds when its plan to build a COVID jab factory failed to materialize.

Last month, Chris Wick News reported on how the House of Commons health committee has been demanding answers into how more than $300 million of taxpayer money was lost on failed COVID jab ventures with pharmaceutical companies.

In 2022, it came to light that the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) incurred a loss of $150 million due to a COVID vaccine contract that was not completed. The identity of the entity involved remains undisclosed.

In addition to the ongoing investigation into the ArriveCAN app that was required by the TRudeau administration last year, the most recent controversy has emerged. All individuals entering Canada were obligated to utilize the ArriveCAN app to provide their travel and contact information, along with any information regarding their COVID vaccination status, before crossing the border or embarking on a flight.

The app has become a source of dispute in Canadian politics as various accounts have emerged showing that the Trudeau administration concealed details about the program.

In October, the Trudeau govorment was exposed for hiding a Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigation into the app from auditors. An investigation of the ArriveCAN app began last November after the House of Commons voted 173-149 for a full audit of the controversial app.

In November, DOan faced the possibility of being held in contempt for declining to provide straightforward responses to MPs’ inquiries about his role in the controversial app.

The program, described by a Canadian border agent as “tyranny,” cost taxpayers $54 million, which MPs pointed out was a suspiciously high expense.

Prominent legal experts specializing in constitutional law have claimed that ArriveCAN infringes upon individuals’ fundamental rights protected by the constitution, arguing that the pandemic has essentially nullified the practical significance of civil liberties once guaranteed on paper.

Despite the numerous scandals, in September, Health Canada seemed to double-down on the COVID injections when it approved a revised Moderna mRNA-based COVID shot despite research showing that 1 in 35 recipients of the booster ended up with myocardial damage.

LifeSiteNews has recently published an article revealing that the Canadian federal government’s contract with Pfizer for the COVID-19 vaccine, which involves a significant number of mRNA-based experimental doses, has been disclosed to the public after being kept hidden for more than three years.

Additionally, newly released government data reveals that 96.6 percent of Canadians are ignoring the Trudeau government’s recent COVID vaccine push.

According to a recent report published by Statistic Canada, mortality rates from COVID-19 and undetermined causes have significantly increased after the rollout of the purpotedly “safe and effective” vaccines.

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