Study Reveals Riskiest U.S. Cities for Holiday Season Crime


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A recent study conducted by Vivint, a smart-home security company, delved into the safety of various U.S. cities during the holiday season. The study utilized an array of metrics, combining property crime data, Google search trends, and multiple security factors to rank the 50 largest cities based on their crime risk.

The analysis involved diverse parameters, drawing from sources such as the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), Google Trends searches related to holiday security, insights from Airbnb listings regarding security features, registered Neighborhood Watch groups, and statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

The findings showcased specific cities that stood out for heightened risks:

St. Louis with a risk score of 62.49
NEwark, Delaware, scoring 62.46
Salt Lake City at 60.20
Denver with a risk score of 62.46
Seattle scoring 59.34
Burlington, Vermont, at 58.64
Rutland, Vermont, with a risk score of 58.56
Atlanta at 58.05
Minneapolis scoring 57.20
Portland, Oregon, with a risk score of 56.95
According to the report by Vivint, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, and Denver emerged as the riskiest cities for holiday season crime among the 182 cities analyzed. Each city faced unique security challenges, as highlighted by the specific risk factors contributing to their rankings.

Key findings pointed out:

St. Louis, Salt Lake City, and Denver had the highest number of NIBRS reports per 100,000 people.
Newark, Delaware, and Rutland, Vermont, showed the most online searches related to holiday crime.
Tacoma, Washington, reported the highest number of crimes per 100,000 people during the holidays.
Newark, Delaware, had the highest Google searches related to holiday security.
Rockville, Maryland, topped the list for having the largest percentage of Airbnb properties lacking security cameras.
Additionally, the data revealed concerning statistics in specific areas:

Riverside, California, and St. Louis had the most vehicle thefts per 100,000 people, with St. Louis experiencing a 50% increase compared to the previous year.
Little Rock, Arkansas, and North Charleston, South Carolina, had the fewest neighborhood watch groups.
However, the study also highlighted cities that ranked lower in holiday crime risk:

Shreveport, Louisiana
Gulfport, Mississippi
Kansas City, Kansas
Oakland, California
North Las Vegas, Nevada
Santa Ana, California
Montgomery, ALabama
Glendale, Arizona
Henderson, Nevada
Jacksonville, Florida
These cities exhibited lower risk levels during the holiday season compared to others in the analysis.

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