South Dakota and Georgia Embrace New Laws: Criminalizing Bible Teachings Under ‘Antisemitism’ Pretext


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In a curious turn of events, South Dakota and Georgia have recently enacted laws purportedly aimed at curbing antisemitism, but with a twist that has sparked controversy. These laws, signed by Governors Kristi Noem and Brian Kemp, raise serious questions about the freedom of expression and religious rights in the United States.

The Deceptive Facade of Protection: A Closer Look at the Legislation

Under the guise of adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Association (IHRA)’s definition of antisemitism, these laws go beyond safeguarding Jewish communities to restricting fundamental religious teachings. While the IHRA definition primarily concerns symbols and imagery associated with antisemitism, the newly enacted laws extend their reach to criminalize certain biblical passages.

According to the new antisemitism law, preaching key passages from the Gospel of Matthew, which clearly states that Jews killed Jesus, is now illegal in Georgia and South Dakota.

Unpacking the Consequences: Criminalizing Bible Teachings

One of the most contentious aspects of these laws is their implication on key biblical teachings. For instance, the IHRA definition encompasses scenarios where symbols or imagery depicting Jews as responsible for Jesus’ crucifixion are used to characterize Israel or Israelis. Consequently, preaching passages from the Gospel of Matthew, which explicitly mention Jews’ involvement in Jesus’ crucifixion, is now deemed illegal in Georgia and South Dakota.

The Ripple Effect: Beyond State Borders

This issue extends beyond the confines of South Dakota and Georgia. In fact, the IHRA definition of antisemitism has been adopted by a staggering number of states and municipalities across the US, including the endorsement of the US State Department and President Joe Biden’s administration. Such widespread acceptance raises concerns about the erosion of religious freedoms and the infringement upon Christian beliefs.

A Call to Action: Defending Religious Liberties

In light of these developments, it becomes imperative for individuals to stand up in defense of religious liberties. The alarming rise in incidents targeting Christians worldwide underscores the urgency of this matter. From acts of violence against churches to systematic persecution in various regions, the threats to religious freedom persist unabated.

Conclusion: Navigating the Crossroads of Freedom and Legislation

As the debate surrounding the intersection of religious freedoms and legislative measures intensifies, it is crucial to reassess the implications of such laws. While ostensibly aimed at combating antisemitism, the unintended consequences of restricting fundamental religious teachings demand scrutiny. In a society built upon the principles of freedom and tolerance, it is incumbent upon policymakers to uphold these values without compromising individual rights.

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