Soros Unleashes Millions: Shockwaves as Texas Braces for Liberal Onslaught in 2024 Elections


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In a jaw-dropping revelation, financial magnate George Soros is strategically deploying over $3 million to fuel the ambitions of liberal groups aiming to flip the Republican bastion of Texas in the imminent 2024 US presidential election. As the Lone Star State braces for an unprecedented political upheaval, Soros’s calculated moves are sending shockwaves through the political landscape, challenging the traditional norms that have long defined Texas politics.

Billionaire currency speculator George Soros has emerged as a significant contributor to at least five liberal groups aiming to flip the traditionally Republican stronghold of Texas in the upcoming 2024 US presidential election, as revealed by Fox News, citing campaign finance records.

Financial Influence: Over $3 Million in Contributions

Fox News reports that Soros has channeled more than $3 million into a network of political action committees (PACs) in Texas. Notably, he is the sole funding source for the Texas Majority PAC, with a total donation of $2.25 million in the previous year through his Democracy PAC II. While the Texas MAjority PAC had a low public profile in the past, recent reports suggest it was initiated by former staffers from the unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign of Democrat Beto O’Rourke.

Texas Majority PAC’s Mission and Ambitions

A representative for the Texas Majority PAC stated that the substantial donations are intended to support the organization in mobilizing voters “on a scale never seen before.” The group, while in its early stages, emphasizes the need for additional financial support and staff to carry out its objectives effectively.

Diverse Contributions: Funding Various Entities

Apart from the Texas Majority PAC, Soros made additional contributions, including $300,000 to CTX Votes, potentially linked to Concordia Texas University, $200,000 to the Dallas County Democratic PAC, and $100,000 to a group named First Tuesday, which lacks a discernible online presence.

Soros and Texas Organizing Project: A Long-Standing Connection

George Soros also contributed $250,000 to the Texas Organizing Project, an organization he and his entities have supported with several million dollars over the years. This group faced controversy when one of the beneficiaries of its bail payments, released from custody, later commited a crime.

Changing Political Landscape in Texas

Despite being traditionally Republican, Texas has experienced a shift, with the 2020 election showing a narrower margin between Democratic and Republican candidates. The state has witnessed an influx of residents fleeing liberal strongholds, and the issue of illegal immigration remains a focal point given its location along the Mexican border.

Accusations and Criticisms

Critics of open-borders policies, including those associated with Soros, are accused of potentially influencing migration patterns for political gains. While illegal immigrants can not vote in Texas, skeptics argue that such policies may have indirect implications on voting rolls through questionable means.

In conclusion, Soros’s significant financial involvement in liberal groups targeting Texas underscores the evolving political landscape and heightened competition in the upcoming 2024 elections. The influence of money and its potential impact on voter dynamics will undoubtedly be a closely watched aspect of the unfolding political scenario in the state.

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