Should Donald Trump’s Star Stay on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?


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Ever wondered if a star-studded sidewalk could trigger more drama than a high-strung reality show? In a plot twist fit for Hollywood, the tinsel town’s infamous Walk of Fame is embroiled in a star-struck saga. The burning question? Whether Donald Trump’s star should gracefully exit stage left or remain the center of attention. Hold onto your popcorn; this show’s just getting started.

THe Move to Erase Trump’s Presence

In California, Democrats are pushing to eliminate Donald Trump’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The driving force behind this endeavor is Hollywood Hills Democrat millionaire Andrew Rudick, who has emerged as a prominent advocate for the star’s removal.

Championing the Cause

Andrew Rudick has spearheaded the campaign by engaging in various strategies to support the star’s removal. His efforts have included submitting public records requests, gathering legal documents, and actively participating in City Council meetings. The Los Angeles Times has chronicled his extensive pursuit of this cause over the past three years.

The Contentious Debate

Rudick contends that Trump’s star, awarded in 2007 for his involvement in “The Apprentice,” essentially endorses a former president who orchestrated what he describes as an “attempted coup against the United States” on January 6, 2021.

Star’s Turbulent History

Trump’s star has faced repeated vandalism and and destruction since 2016, including an incident involving a pickaxe, resulting in repair costs surpassing $20,000. Despite these episodes, the star has been consistently replaced or restored, as reported by Axios.

Legal Quandaries

Determining the authority to remove stars remains a contentious issue. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce oversees the Walk of Fame ceremonies and stars. Nevertheless, these stars are embedded in city sidewalks under the ownership of the Los Angeles City Council. Thus far, neither entity has taken action regarding the efforts to extract Trump’s star.

Political Stance

Councilmember Bob Blumenfield has expressed support for the removal of Trump’s star, while Councilmember Hugo Soto-Martínez has characterized Trump as a “racist, fascist threat.” However, the council is actively deliberating the intricate legal and procedural considerations surrounding the removal process.

Unprecedented Action

Removing Trump’s star would mark an unprecedented event in the history of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Previously, attempts to remove stars belonging to controversial figures like Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacey were rebuffed by the Chamber of Commerce. The organization maintains a policy against star removal, citing that the expenses incurred for Trump’s star repairs have not been prohibitive.

Symbol of Hostility

While the removal of Trump’s star may not significantly impact him compared to his removal from state ballots, it highlights the profound animosity harbored by the left. The visceral reaction to passing by a star bearing his name is indicative of the deep-rooted resentment.

Debunking the Approach

Critics view the movement to erase Trump’s presence as immature and reactionary. They argue that individuals like Rudick allow themselves to be unduly provoked by mere sidewalk inscriptions, illustrating an overblown response.

Rewriting History

Trump’s role in “The Apprentice” stands as a minor aspect of his broader influence. Yet, the fervor of the cancel culture movement to eradicate any trace of his legacy is perceived as another endeavor in their pursuit to control historical narratives, akin to an Orwellian manipulation of history.

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