Shocking Revelation: Biden Allegedly Informed of Nord Stream Explosion in Advance


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Disrupted Diplomacy: Allegations of US Complicity

In a startling revelation, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski claims that the United States possessed prior knowledge about the devastating attacks on the Nord Stream pipeline. This revelation, if true, marks a colossal failure of international diplomacy, as the US allegedly turned a blind eye to prevent what has been dubbed as the largest act of industrial terrorism in history.

Uncovering the Allegations: Sikorski’s Claims

Former European Parliament member Sikorski had hinted at Washington’s potential involvement in the Nord Stream attack back in September 2022. His recent interview sheds further light on this contentious issue. Sikorski suggests that despite having forewarning, the US failed to intervene, raising suspicions about its complicity in the incident.

Twitter Drama: Deleted Tweets and Cryptic Messages

Sikorski’s cryptic tweet from the scene of the crime, adorned with a “Thank you, USA” caption, initially sent shockwaves across social media. The tweet, however, mysteriously vanished mere hours after its posting. This deletion only fueled speculation surrounding Biden’s purported threats against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, adding layers to an already convoluted narrative.

A Closer Look: Seymour Hersh’s Explosive Claims

Renowned investigative journalist Seymour Hersh added fuel to the fire with his bold assertions regarding the Nord Stream attack. Hersh alleged that US Navy divers, under the guise of a NATO exercise, orchestrated the destruction of the pipelines. Despite the gravity of these accusations, the White House swiftly dismissed them as baseless fabrications.

Aerial Intrigue: Suspicious Helicopter Activity

Compounding the intrigue, Flightradar24 data revealed unsettling patterns of US military helicopters lingering near the Nord Stream site post-attack. The prolonged presence of a US Navy Sikorsky MH-60R Seahawk helicopter over the damaged pipelines raised eyebrows, hinting at a deeper, more sinister involvement.

Blurred Lines: Tracing the Culprits

While fingers initially pointed towards Russia, recent developments suggest a murkier narrative. German media outlets ZDF and Der Spiegel reported a lack of evidence implicating Russia in the attacks. Instead, attention now shifts towards Ukraine, with mounting suspicions surrounding agents linked to the country. Technical data placing these agents in proximity to the explosions adds weight to these allegations.

Conclusion: The Unraveling Saga of Nord Stream

As the dust settles, the Nord Stream saga continues to unravel, exposing the intricacies of international politics and espionage. With each revelation, the line between truth and fiction blurs, leaving the world questioning the extent of governmental involvement in this unprecedented act of sabotage.

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