Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Lambasts President Biden’s Failing Policies at Fiery NYC Town Hall


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In a passionate town hall event held in New York City, Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. did not mince words as he took on President Joe Biden’s struggling policies. With fervor and conviction, Kennedy addressed a diverse range of issues that struck a chord with his supporters, including the influence of Big Pharma, Biden’s climate agenda, and the proposition of restoring the Gold Standard.

Challenging Biden’s Green Agenda

During the event in Brooklyn, Kennedy ignited the crowd’s enthusiasm by tackling critical issues head-on. He expressed his determination to halt Biden’s green agenda, emphasizing that the president’s “carbon capture” plan is nothing more than a “boondoggle.” Kennedy asserted that this plan is a part of “Biden’s environmental climate program,” which he believes serves as a means to channel subsidies to the carbon industry.

Taking on Big Pharma

Kennedy did not shy away from addressing the pharmaceutical industry and made a resolute promise to terminate Big Pharma advertising. He declared, “I’m running against the entire infrastructure, including the intelligence agencies, including big agriculture, including the big pharmaceutical companies, and the media, who are either aligned with the DNC or largely dependent on pharmaceutical advertising.” His words were met with resounding cheers from the audience. Kennedy’s stance was clear: “On day one, I am signing an executive order banning pharmaceutical advertising.”

A Return to the Gold Standard

Kennedy’s vision for the United States includes a return to the Gold Standard, inspired by the work of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy. He highlighted that his uncle recognized fiat currency as the currency of war and pledged to issue a series of treasury notes rooted in base currency, such as bitcoin, silver, gold, platinum, and others. This move, he argued, would provide Americans with an option to invest in T-bills linked to the base currency, serving as a hedge against inflation and injecting discipline into the market.

Addressing the Migrant Crisis

Turning to New York City’s response to the migrant crisis, Kennedy emphasized that most border crossers lack asylum claims, even among the 100,000 migrants who have arrived in the city. Responding to a question from the crowd, Kennedy recounted his visit to the southern border in Arizona earlier in the summer, characterizing the situation as a “huge, heartbreaking humanitarian crisis.” He emphasized the diversity of migrants, revealing that only a fraction of those he witnessed that night were from Latin America.

Voter Concerns and Hope for Change

The audience in the Brooklyn warehouse primarily comprised Democratic voters seeking an end to the Obama-Biden era. However, concerns loomed about the Democratic establishment’s potential obstruction of Kennedy’s progress in the primary race. One voter, Sare, shared her thoughts with Fox News, expressing her belief in the need for maverick voices and predicting that the Democratic Party might attempt to hinder Kennedy’s campaign, much like they did with Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard. Share speculated that Kennedy might ultimately run as an independent, echoing the sentiment that the nation yearns for a departure from the status quo.

In conclusion, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s fiery town hall event in New York City demonstrated his commitment to challenging the current state of affairs and his willingness to take on powerful interests. With his bold and unwavering stances on various critical issues, Kennedy’s presidential campaign promises to be a transformative force in American politics, capturing the attention and support of voters seeking change.

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