Revealed: UK Government’s Secret Pre-Pandemic Purchase of Euthanasia Drugs


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In a shocking revelation, it has come to light that the British government discreetly procured millions of euthanasia drugs months before the public announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic. This startling information has been brought forward by Graham Atkinson, a seasoned pharmacist with over 30 years of experience in senior NHS management. Atkinson’s bold testimony sheds light on a clandestine euthanasia program orchestrated by the government, sending shockwaves across the nation.

Unveiling Government’s Covert Actions

Atkinson, with his extensive background in NHS management, was privy to the inner workings of healthcare administration. However, his career trajectory took an abrupt turn in October 2021 when he chose to disassociate himself from the government’s covert euthanasia agenda. His decision to speak out against the system marks a pivotal moment in exposing the truth behind the scenes.

Early Preparations: Just-in-Case Drugs

Prior to the official declaration of the pandemic, ominous signs of preparation emerged within the healthcare system. Atkinson discloses that guidelines were issued in early March 2020, instructing the placement of “just-in-case” drugs in anticipation of COVID outbreaks in care homes. These drugs, including morphine and midazolam, were ostensibly meant to provide comfort to patients, but their true purpose raises serious ethical concerns.

The Role of NICE Guidelines

Central to this narrative are the guidelines set forth by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), a pivotal body in healthcare regulation. Atkinson highlights the manipulation of guidelines, particularly NG163, aimed at facilitating the end-of-life care for COVID patients. Such modifications underscore a systemic effort to steer medical practices towards a predetermined outcome.

Deception Unveiled: False Narratives Exposed

Atkinson’s account challenges the prevailing narrative surrounding COVID-19, which portrayed it as a novel disease with no effective treatments available. He reveals a stark contrast between the official discourse and the reality witnessed on the ground. The systematic suppression of viable treatment options, such as vitamin D supplementation, raises serious questions about the motives driving healthcare policies.

The Human Cost of Deception

Behind the veil of official statements lies a grim reality: lives lost due to the manipulation of medical protocols. Atkinson recounts instances where vulnerable individuals, including those in care homes, were unwittingly subjected to treatments hastening their demise. The failure of these measures to align with actual mortality rates exposes the devastating consequences of governmental deceit.

A Call for Accountability

Atkinson’s testimony serves as a clarion call for accountability and transparency within the healthcare system. The suppression of evidence-based treatments and the promotion of questionable practices demand scrutiny and rectification. As citizens, it is imperative to demand answers and hold those responsible for unethical actions to account.


The revelations brought forward by Graham Atkinson offer a sobering glimpse into the hidden realities of healthcare governance. In a landscape fraught with deception and manipulation, the pursuit of truth becomes paramount. It is incumbent upon society to confront these injustices, safeguarding the principles of integrity and compassion in healthcare delivery.

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