Renowned Oncologist Calls for FDA to Recall COVID Vaccines Amid Rising Cancer Cases


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In a shocking revelation, Dr. Angus Dalgleish, a distinguished oncologist renowned for his groundbreaking work in cancer and HIV research, has vehemently urged the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to take immediate action and recall the “deeply flawed” Covid mRNA vaccines.

The Dark Side of mRNA Vaccines Unveiled

Dr. Dalgleish has sounded the alarm, highlighting the perilous consequences of administering Covid mRNA vaccines. According to him, these vaccines trigger an alarming surge in cancer cases among the vaccinated population due to the uncontrolled production of spike proteins within the body. The modified mRNA, containing N1-methyl-pseudouridine (m1Ψ), perpetuates its presence in the body indefinitely, paving the way for a catastrophic health crisis.

Deceptive Practices Unveiled

Having served as a board advisor for a prominent mRNA vaccine company for a substantial five-year tenure, Dr. Dalgleish sheds light on the egregious deception perpetrated upon the public regarding the true nature of these vaccines. In an interview with Dr. John Campbell, he unequivocally denounces the mislabeling of these mRNA shots as vaccines and insists on their immediate prohibition.

Unraveling the Cancer Catastrophe

Furthermore, Dr. Dalgleish elucidates how the Covid vaccines act as catalysts for the exponential rise in rapidly developing cancers worldwide. After three years since their introduction, it has become evident that spike proteins impede the function of tumor suppressor genes and disrupt BRCA activity, crucial for combating ovarian and breast cancers.

The Grim Reality Unveiled

As Dr. Campbell underscores, the optimal functioning of tumor suppressor genes is pivotal in mitigating cancer risks. However, with the spike protein’s interference, the delicate balance is disrupted, leading to a surge in cancer incidence, particularly among young and otherwise healthy individuals.

Revelations of Nanorobots Add Fuel to the Fire

In a staggering disclosure, an Israeli scientist, in collaboration with Pfizer, acknowledges the presence of “billions of nanorobots” embedded within each vaccine dose. These nanorobots, capable of activation and deactivation, pose an unprecedented threat to human health, raising grave concerns about the true intentions behind these inoculations.

In conclusion, the urgent call to action by Dr. Dalgleish underscores the imperative for regulatory bodies to prioritize public safety over profit margins. The unsettling revelations surrounding the Covid vaccines demand thorough investigation and swift intervention to avert a looming health catastrophe.

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