Putin’s Take on Recent Interview with Tucker Carlson and US Politics


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Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently voiced his thoughts on his much-discussed interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson, shedding light on his perspective and delving into the intricate web of US politics. Let’s dive into Putin’s insights and unravel the complexities of his commentary.

Putin’s Reaction to the Interview

In a candid conversation with Russian reporter Pavel Zarubin, Putin expressed his initial disappointment, suggesting that the interview fell short of his expectations. However, he acknowledged the importance of the dialogue, appreciating Carlson’s role as an intermediary vetween nations. Despite criticism from Western leaders, Putin highlighted the significance of engaging in direct dialogue, underscoring the necessity for understanding amidst differing perspectives.

Clarifying Misconceptions

Addressing misconceptions arising from the interview, Putin clarified that he never asserted NATO’s intention to attack Russia from Ukrainian territory. Instead, he emphasized the underlying triggers of the Ukraine conflict, citing Kiev’s refusal to reconcile with rebels in the east. Putin believes that Moscow’s intervention should have occurred sooner, underscoring the perceived threat of NATO and Western officials.

Carlson’s Approach

Describing Carlson as a “dangerous man,” Putin commended his respectful demeanor during the interview, which avoided confrontation. Despite his reservations, Putin acknowledged Carlson’s adherence to his plan, albeit expressing a lack of full enjoyment. The Russian leader noted Carlson’s awareness of potential risks, highlighting the journalist’s understanding of the prevailing political climate in America.

Insights on US Politics

Turning to US politics, Putin touched upon the presidential race, expressing a preference for incumbent President Joe Biden over Donald Trump. Describing Biden as an “old-school politician,” Putin praised his experience and predictability while asserting readiness to collaborate with any American leader. He dismissed concerns regarding Biden’s cognitive abilities, citing their previous meeting as evidence.

Outlook on Trump’s Policies

Putin challenged concerns surrounding a potential second Trump presidency, suggesting that Trump’s policies did not significantly differ from previous administrations. While acknowledging Trump’s distinct rhetoric, Putin drew parallels with past leaders, highlighting similarities in policy decisions. Reflecting on historical events, Putin referenced George W. Bush’s withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol, emphasizing nationalistic motives.

Addressing Controversies

Amidst controversies, Putin dismissed criticisms regarding Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock’s family history, cautioning against attributing past atrocities to individuals. Instead, he urged scrutiny of Baerbock’s policies, questioning her commitment to national interests.


In essence, Putin’s commentary offers a nuanced perspective on recent events, navigating the complexities of international relations and domestic politics. As the global landscape continues to evolve, Putin’s insights provide valuable insights into Russia’s stance and its engagement with the wider world.

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