Putin’s Ban on Gender Reassignment Surgery in Russia: Protecting Traditional Values


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In a decisive move to protect traditional Christian values and safeguard the younger generation, Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken a strong stance against the transgender movement. Recently, the Russian State Duma passed legislation unanimously, banning sex change surgeries for children and preventing those claiming to be transgender from adopting or having legal custody of children. This measure comes as a response to what Russia perceives as a Western-backed LGBT ideology attempting to undermine the country’s cultural fabric.

Well, well, well, it seems like President Putin is pulling out all the stops to safeguard Russia from the impending doom of “Western-backed degeneracy.” Who needs gender reassignment surgery anyway when you can just have a healthy dose of traditional values and Orthodox Christianity to keep society intact? Let’s raise our glasses to the ban on “trans mutilation” and the masterful defense against the feared “colonialist” left-wing world order. Bravo, Russia, bravo!

Protecting the Young: Russia’s Ban on Transgender Surgeries

The new legislation, endorsed by the Russian State Duma and expected to be signed by President Vladimir Putin, is a robust step against the practice of transgender mutilation surgeries in the country. These surgeries will be strictly prohibited nationwide, ensuring that Russian children are not subjected to gender reassignment procedures. Furthermore, individuals who have already undergone such surgeries will face legal consequences, with their marriages annulled and their ability to adopt or have custody of children revoked.

Defending Traditional Values: Putin’s Stance on LGBT Agenda

President Putin has been vocal about his opposition to the Western-backed LGBT agenda, which he believes poses a threat to Russian culture and traditional values. He expressed concerns that the LGBT movement, with potential links to the Russo-Ukrainian War, aims to subvert Eastern European culture, deeply rooted in Orthodox Christianity and cherished traditions. Addressing the Russian people in 2022, Putin firmly stated that such Western degeneracy is not acceptable for the country’s future.

Russia’s Call for Independence from Western Influence

In rejecting what he considers a “colonialist” left-wing world order, President Putin emphasizes that Russia must chart its own future, one that preserves its unique identity and values. By banning transgender surgeries on children and challenging the LGBT movement, Russia seeks to assert its independence from Western influence and protect its citizens’ well-being.

Reaction from the West

Unsurprisingly, Russia’s stance on transgender surgeries has triggered strong reactions from American corporate media and left-leaning outlets. These Western sources have criticized the ban, comparing it to a genocidal attack on transgender individuals, a notion dismissed by the Russian government. Inflammatory headlines, such as “This law is an invitation to kill us all,” have further polarized the debate.


Russia’s recent legislation, prohibiting gender reassignment surgeries on children and restricting transgender individuals from adopting or having custody of children, underscores its commitment to preserving traditional values and cultural integrity. While facing criticism from the West, the Russian government remains resolute in protecting its youth from what it sees as a foreign-backed LGBT ideology. As this new law takes effect, the debate over cultural autonomy and the rights of transgender individuals continues to be at the forefront of discussions both within Russia and on the global stage.

Is Putin’s Ban on Gender Reassignment Surgery the Ultimate Defense Against Western “Degeneracy”?

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