Pentagon Raises Concerns Over U.S. Vulnerability to Potential Alien Invasion


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In a startling revelation, the Pentagon has issued a warning about the United States’ inadequate preparedness to defend itself against a looming alien invasion. This crucial information, fact-checked and verified, emphasizes the urgent need for strategic improvements in national security measures.

Unveiling Pentagon’s Disturbing Memo
A recently declassified document sheds light on the Department of Defense’s (DoD) critical deficiency in resources dedicated to tracking and analyzing UFOs or Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP). The Office of Inspector General (OIG) has identified this blind spot as a substantial threat to both military forces and national security.

Gaps in Defense Capabilities
The OIG report, titled ‘Evaluation of the DoD’s Actions Regarding Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena,’ dated August 2023, reveals irregular efforts by the DoD to identify and understand UAP due to competing priorities, lack of substantive progress, and inconclusive findings. Despite these challenges, military pilots persist in reporting UAP incidents.

The Urgency for Comprehensive Response
One of the critical issues highlighted in the report is the absence of a comprehensive UAP response plan within the DoD. This deficiency, according to OIG, leads to an uncoordinated and department-focused approach to handling UAP incidents, resulting in a fragmented defense strategy.

All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO).
In response to the escalating UAP concerns, the Pentagon established the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) in July 2022. However, the OIG questions the nation’s ability to organize and defend itself, pointing out the lack of formal processes for detecting and reporting unidentified objects in U.S. skies.

Special Interest Items and Reporting Procedures.
UAPs are classified as ‘Special Interest Items’ among military officials, mandating aircrews to document and report sightings within 24 hours of shutting down their aircraft engines. Despite this, the OIG notes that military services are not required by the DoD to submit such reports, leading to a significant gap in the information flow.

Recommendations for Strengthening DEfense.
To address the deficiencies outlined in the report, the OIG has presented 11 recommendations to the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security. These recommendations include the issuance of policies to integrate UAP-related roles, responsibilities, and coordination procedures into existing intelligence, counterintelligence, and force protection policies.

Guiding the Way Forward.
The report also proposes guidance from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the geographic combatant commanders regarding the detection, reporting, collection, analysis, and identification of unidentified anomalous phenomena within their areas of responsibility. This guidance should equip commanders with the necessary tools to assess the threats posed by these phenomena effectively.

In a move towards transparency, Inspector General Robert P. Storch declassified the report on Thursday, citing significant public interest in understanding how the DoD is addressing UAPs. The release aims to keep the American people informed about oversight efforts on this critical issue. As the nation grapples with potential extraterrestrial threats, these revelations underscore the immediate need for a well-coordinated and comprehensive defense strategy.

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