Palestinian UN Envoy Accuses Israel Of ‘Genocide’ In Gaza


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In a scathing report released by the UN Human Rights Council special rapporteur Francesca Albanese, Israel faces damning accusations of conducting what is described as a ‘genocidal’ campaign against Gaza.

Allegations of Genocide

Albanese’s report, titled ‘Anatomy of a Genocide,’ meticulously outlines Israel’s relentless bombardment of the Gaza Strip and its ominous vow to impose a complete siege on the Hamas-controlled Palestinian enclave. She unequivocally denounces these actions as “nothing less than genocidal.”

Violation of International Norms

The report highlights clear indications of Israel’s infringement upon three of the five acts enumerated in the UN Genocide Convention.

Contention and Controversy

Scheduled to present her findings to the council, Albanese’s report was leaked to the public a day before its intended release, sparking a fierce debate. The pro-Israeli group UN Watch obtained an advance copy and swiftly made it available online, denouncing Albanese and alleging anti-Semitic bias.

Accusations and Counterarguments

Citing a staggering death toll of over 30,000 Palestinians, destruction of 70% of residential areas, and displacement of 80% of Gaza’s population over the past five months, the report asserts there are “reasonable grounds” to conclude Israel’s commission of genocide. It accuses Israel of violating three criteria under the Genocide Convention, including killing members of a community, inflicting serious harm, and deliberately creating conditions conducive to physical destruction.

Intent and Accountability

Albanese cites inflammatory rhetoric from prominent Israeli figures, including President Isaac Herzog and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as evidence of Israeli intent. The Israeli diplomatic mission in Geneva vehemently rejects the allegations, emphasizing that Israel’s actions are aimed at combating Hamas, not targeting Palestinian civilians.

Legal Ramifications

The report’s release has significant implications, as the International Court of Justice, prompted by South Africa’s petition, has already ordered Israel to take measures to prevent genocidal acts in Gaza. Albanese’s findings could potentially bolster legal proceedings against Israel.

In conclusion, the accusations leveled against Israel by the UN envoy Francesca Albanese are grave and demand serious consideration. As the international community grapples with the implications of these allegations, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on the conflict in Gaza and the urgent need for a resolution that ensures justice and peace for all parties involved.

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