Nickelodeon’s Dark Secret: Employing Convicted Child Rapists and Pedophiles for Years


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A documentary has uncovered that Nickelodeon employed five individuals convicted of child rape and two individuals known to be pedophiles.

Nickelodeon knowingly hired 5 convicted child rapists and 2 pedophiles, new documentary reveals.
A new documentary has revealed that Nickelodeon knowingly employed or worked with five child rapists as well as two other people who were credibly accused of pedophilia.

According to child safety activists, Nickelodeon was allegedly a haven for individuals with illicit intentions, who exploited their positions of authority to gain access to vulnerable children.

According to, two individuals featured in a recent HBO documentary titled Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV were involved in incidents of child abuse on the network.

One of those pedophiles was former Nickelodeon dialogue coach and actor Brian Peck, who molested child star Drake Bell when he was 15.

Another one was Dan Schneider, a controversial producer of several successful kids’ shows on Nickelodeon, who was constantly inserting sexually suggestive scenes, which usually involved someone’s feet– a well-known fascination of Schneider.

Nevertheless, according to legal documents, the past connections of convicted and aleged pedophiles with the channel were much broader than what was revealed in the documentary.

Included in the group of offenders are Jason Handy, a Nickelodeon employee who engaged in sexual activity with a nine-year-old girl, and Ezell Channel, who was brought on as a production assistant at the cable network despite a previous conviction for a child sex offense and was later apprehended for sexually assaulting a minor at the studio.

Other pedophiles are Marty Weiss, a talent manager who placed clients on top Nickelodeon shows and was later convicted for “lewd acts” with a 12-year-old male client, and Cody Longo, the late star of TeenNick 2012 show Hollywood Heights who was accused of sexual assault of a 9-year-old girl in Colorado in 2019 and pleaded guilty to a lesser charge two years later.

There were also civil claims and public allegations that have been made against two other people who were close to the channel.

Joby Harte, a former Nickelodeon actor, was held responsible for multiple instances of sexually abusing Disney actor and Forever In Your MInd band member Ricky Garcia.

The second person was John Kricfalusi, the creator of the Nickelodeon show Ren & Stimpy, who was accused of sexual misconduct with two teenage girls he employed.

Gabe Hoffman, a child safety advocate, expressed concern that convicted pedophiles continue to be employed in Hollywood, including sex offenders working with children at Nickelodeon. He emphasized the importance of the industry implementing reforms to prevent further instances of child abuse in Hollywood.

In 2012, California enacted a law aimed at protecting child actors from working with convicted pedophiles by mandating background checks and permits. However, it has come to light that this law is frequently disregarded.

“Investigations have demonstrated this important law is mostly ignored by Hollywood, and state and local law enforcement appear to have little interest in enforcing it,” Hoffman added.

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