McDonald’s Malaysia Sues BDS Malaysia Movement Over Damaging Social Media Posts


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McDonald’s Malaysia might be flipping more than just burgers as it finds itself in a sizzling legal battle. Picture this: a fast-food giant facing off against a movement, and it’s not over who serves the best fries. But hey, I guess in the world of lawsuits, even the golden arches can’t escape the heat.

McDonald’s Malaysia is suing the Boycott, DIvestment and Sanctions (BDS) Malaysia movement for damaging its business through a series of social media posts linking the fast-food chain to Israel’s “genocidal war against Palestinians in Gaza,” Reuters reported on Sunday citing court documents.

GErbang Alaf Restaurants (GAR), the entity responsible for operating McDonald’s franchises in Malaysia, has filed a legal complaint against BDS Malaysia, a movement advocating for the boycott of certain products, alleging that the group’s actions have caused significant financial losses and job cuts. In a writ of summons dated December 19 and obtained by a news agency, GAR claims that BDS Malaysia has made false and damaging statements about the fast food chain, resulting in a decline in profits and revenue. GAR is seeking compensation in the amount of 6 million ringgit ($ 1.31 million) from the movement.

In a statement released on Friday, McDonald’s Malaysia announced that it has initiated legal action agains BDS Malaysia in order to safeguard its rights and interests within the country. Conversely, BDS Malaysia firmly denies any misconduct and anticipates that the court will resolve the issue.

Following a surprise attack by Hamas, the Palestinian militant organiztion governing Gaza, which resulted in the deaths of approximately 1,200 Israelis, Israel declared war on Hamas. Subsequently, an Israeli military operation has caused the deaths of more than 21,000 Palestinians in the region, as reported by the local health ministry. Numerous activists, particularly in countries with a Muslim majority, have initiated boycott movements against businesses believed to be affiliated with Israel and have demanded a cessation of hostilities. Besides McDonald’s, the companies affected by these campaigns encompass Coca-Cola, Starbucks, KFC, Nestle, and IBM.

Houthi missile hits containership in Red Sea– PentagonREAD MORE: Houthi missile hits containership in Red Sea– Pentagon
Yemen’s Houthi rebels have staged a de facto blockade of shipping through the Red Sea and attacked vessels thought to be linked to Israel, which they say is also in solidarity with the plight of the Palestinians.

According to a statement from Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s office, earlier this month, the Malaysian govement, which strongly supports the Palestinians, changed its 2002 decision to permit Israeli-flagged ships or vessels heading towards Israel to dock or load cargo at Malaysian ports.

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