Mask Mandate Mayhem: Did Kaiser Permanente and Lionsgate Studios Forget the Script?


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In a world where mask mandates can switch faster than a Hollywood plot twist, did Kaiser Permanente and Lionsgate Studios just pull off a “mask-terpiece” reversal? We dive into the drama, confusion, and conspiracy behind the sudden flip-flop on mask mandates. From healthcare heroes to silver screen stars, it seems like someone misplaced the script. Who’s the real star of this show—common sense or chaos? Grab your popcorn and let’s unravel the reel deal!

Well, it’s clear that the “Best Mask Mandate Performance” award might not be going to Kaiser Permanente or Lionsgate Studios. Maybe they were just going for the sequel everyone secretly hopes doesn’t happen. But hey, at least we’ve learned that masks aren’t just for costume parties—they’re for playing the role of “mask on, mask off” in real life too!

In a surprising turn of events last week, both Kaiser Permanente and Lionsgate Studios in California found themselves reversing their stance on mask mandate policies, just days after implementing them.

Kaiser Permanente’s Mask Mandate: A Brief Recap

On August 22nd, Kaiser Permanente, the largest healthcare provider in California, issued a statement revealing the reintroduction of a mask mandate. This mandate encompassed physicians, staff, patients, members, and visitors within the hospital and medical offices located in the Santa Rosa Service Area, as reported by The Press Democrat.

However, within a mere two days, Kaiser officials clarified to The Press Democrat that the mask requirement was only applicable to physicians and staff, exempting patients and visitors from this regulation.

In a recent statement, Kaiser addressed the situation, stating, “Our intention was to expand the masking requirement for our employees and physicians to medical offices and clinic settings as of Tuesday. We apologize for any confusion among Press Democrat readers.” The institution also affirmed that the pre-existing masking rules in the hospital remained unchanged; employees and physicians were still obligated to wear masks, and visitors were encouraged to do the same.

Interestingly, Kaiser had also confirmed to Becker’s Hospital Review on August 23rd that they had indeed reintroduced the mask mandate.

The Reversal and Its Causes

The about-face decision came about after observations were made that many hospital visitors were disregarding the masking guidelines. This reversal raised mixed reactions among Northern California residents. Some supported the initial mask mandate, viewing it as a necessary precaution, while others expressed skepticism and frustration, suggesting underlying political motivations.

Craig Roberts, a resident of Carmichael, voiced his opinion, stating, “I think it’s more political than anything, just think they’re trying to do what they did in 2020.”

Lionsgate Studios: A Parallel Reversal

Notably, Lionsgate Studios also underwent a similar policy reversal. The studio had instituted a mask mandate for employees on the third and fifth floors of its five-story office building in Santa Monica approximately a week prior to this reversal.

The mandate had been introduced in response to several COVID-19 cases reported within the Santa Monica headquarters. Lionsgate had emphasized that this move was in accordance with regulations established by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

However, according to Deadline, Lionsgate communicated that the mandate was no longer in effect as of Friday. The studio received notification from the health department that the mask requirement could be lifted after a period of no new infections.

Lionsgate’s Perspective on the Mandate

Lionsgate clarified its standpoint on the mandate, asserting, “Lionsgate never changed its own mask policy. The LA County Department of Health ordered us to institute the temporary masking requirement after we reported a cluster of COVID cases to them, and we have an obligation to comply with their orders.”

In addition to the mask mandate, Lionsgate had implemented stringent measures. Employees were required to wear medical-grade face coverings (such as surgical masks, KN95, or N95 masks), and they were instructed to undergo a daily self-screening before entering the office. Employees showing any symptoms or having recently traveled internationally were advised to stay home for a period of 10 days.

Lionsgate had also taken proactive steps in contact tracing and had been providing at-home COVID-19 test kits. It remains uncertain whether these practices continue to be mandatory.

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