Louisiana Senate Unanimously Strikes Down WEF, UN, and WHO Influence


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Taking a Stand Against Globalist Overreach

In a resounding 37-0 victory, the Louisiana Senate has boldly declared its independence from the shackles of international influence, passing a groundbreaking bill to bar the United Nations, World Health Organization, and World Economic Forum from dictating policies within the state.

Challenging Globalist Domination

Breaking Free from Globalist Grip

Louisiana’s bold move marks a pivotal moment in the fight against what many perceive as a creeping globalist agenda. Senators, led by Sen. Thomas Pressly and two co-sponsors, introduced Senate Bill 133 (SB133) on Feb. 29, drawing a line in the sand against intrusive global organizations.

Defying International Mandates

Putting an End to Globalist Interference

The proposed law unequivocally asserts, “The World Health Organization, United Nations, and the World Economic Forum shall have no jurisdiction or power within the state of Louisiana.” This bold statement underscores the state’s determination to assert its sovereignty.

Nullifying Globalist Edicts

Protecting State Autonomy

SB133 outlines concrete measures to ensure that the agendas of these global entities hold no sway over Louisiana. It firmly states, “No rule, regulation, fee, tax, policy, or mandate of any kind of the World Health Organization, United Nations, and the World Economic Forum shall be enforced or implemented by the state of Louisiana or any agency, department, board, commission, political subdivision, governmental entity of the state, parish, municipality, or any other political entity.”

Effective Resistance

Utilizing Constitutional Tools

Drawing from James Madison’s wisdom in Federalist #46, Louisiana’s refusal to cooperate with international bodies strikes at the heart of their power. This strategic approach renders their mandates effectively toothless, relying as they do on cooperation from local jurisdictions.

Legal Foundations

Asserting State Sovereignty

Some may argue that treaties bind Louisiana to enforce international mandates. However, the anti-commandeering doctrine, upheld by the Supreme Court, asserts that states retain sovereignty and cannot be coerced into enforcing federal or international laws. This legal precedent forms a robust defense against attempts to impose external agendas.

The Road Ahead

Continuing the Battle for Autonomy

As SB133 progresses to the House for further consideration, the eyes of the nation are upon Louisiana. Its stance against globalist overreach sets a powerful example for states across the country. With determination and resolve, Louisiana charts a course towards true sovereignty, free from the grip of international interference.

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