Kamala Harris Smiles & Claps Along To Protest Song Before Realizing It Was Aimed At Her!


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Kamala Harris faced ridicule on social media after she enthusiastically joined in on a Spanish song during a recent event, only to discover later that the song was actually a protest against her.

During her visit to Puerto Rico on Friday, the Vice President was seen smiling and clapping as protesters banged on drums and sang in Spanish.

However her cheerful mood came to an abrupt end when she was told what they were singing about!

As the song played on, she abruptly ceased clapping, brought down her hands, and adopted a somber expression.

The song was a protest anthem that questioned: ‘We want to know, Kamala, what did you come to do? We want to know, Kamala, what is going to happen?’

According to a report from Mail Online, Harris was first enjoying a lively song before realizing the true meaning of the lyrics with the help of Executive Director Mariana Reyes, who was with her during the trip.

The song targeted the vice president, the Biden administration overall, and their policies.

A group of six protesters gathered in front of the vice president’s location, using their performance to show solidarity with the Palestinian people who are currently amidst a conflict with Israel and Hamas terrorists in Gaza, as well as with Haiti, which is facing the threat of government collapse due to gang violence.

‘Long live free Palestine and Haiti too,’ they say in the song, according to a DailyMail.com translation.

During a visit to the Coyco Community Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Friday, March 22, Harris engaged in discussions with local community leaders before being approached by the protest singers.

The vice president was visiting Puerto Rico on a trip highlighting the Biden administration’s actions to support the island nation’s recovery and renewal efforts. She also attended campaign events while on her trip.

The vice president arrived, making history. We want to know, what do you think of the colony?’ the singers asked outside of the community.

While Vice President Harris visited Puerto Rico, numerous protesters expressed their opposition to her and President Joe Biden’s approaches to foreign tensions in Haiti and Israel.

During Harris’ visit to San Juan, some individuals ignited American flags ablaze in the streets, while others brandished posters with provocative messages, such as “Kamala Harris War Criminal.”

Another said, ‘We did it, Joe: 14,861 children killed,’ in reference to the death toll in Gaza.

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