Is the World’s Thirst for Control Quenched by the Water Crisis?


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Ah, the World Economic Forum and its thirst for influence– this time, quite literally. Imagine if controlling the world was as simple as ensuring everyone stays hydrated. But hold your water bottles, folks, because it seems the stage is set for a global spectacle where the focus isn’t just on quenching a dire thirst but potentially quenching a thirst for control.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has shifted its global strategy toward addressing the escalating global water crisis as a means to advance its agenda. Collaborating closely with the United Nations, both entities have recently convened conferences emphasizing their intentions, signaling a strategic pivot towards addressing water-related challenges.

The UN’s first Water Conference in 46 years earlier this year garnered attention, particularly highlighted in an article on the WEF’s platform penned by Dutch Special Envoy Henk Ovik and Tajikistan’s Special ENvoy Sulton Rahimzoda. Their hopes for a watershed moment akin to the impact of the Paris Agreement on climate action were articulated, accompanied by staggering statistics indicating that 1.6 billion people might lack access to safe drinking water by 2030. The emphasis was on leveraging this crisis to galvanize awareness and unite global efforts to achieve crucial water-related goals.

The UN underscored the pivotal role of water in achieving Sustainable Development Goals, expressing concern over the insufficient progress toward water-related targets, thereby endangering the entire sustainable development agenda.

However, the underlying motive behind this water-centric focus was subtly hinted at in the WEF article. Ovik and Rahimzoda alluded to the establishment of the Global Commission on the Economics of Water, launched during the 2022 WEF Annual Meeting, aimed at proposing innovative approaches to value and manage water as a common resource. The term “common good” raised concerns, drawing parallels to collectivist ideologies associated with social control.

Reference to Nazi politician Hermann Goering’s statement about prioritizing the “common good” echoed these concerns. There’s a looming question of whether the water crisis might serve as an avenue for global control where previous endeavors like addressing climate change or managing the COVID-19 pandemic have fallen short.

Representatives from the WEF, including Professor Mariana Mazzucato, a co-chair of the Global Commission on the Economics of Water, have been candid about exploiting the water crisis as a new opportunity for global influence. Mazzucato highlighted the accessibility of understanding the importance of water, contrasting it with the perceived abstraction of climate change. This emphasis on citizen engagement and leveraging the concept of the common good raises skepticism regarding their intent.

In essence, the WEF seems to perceive the water crisis as a more relatable and straightforward avenue to exert control and foster global dependence, capitalizing on what they perceive as public familiarity and basic necessity.

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