Is Russia Rooting for Donald Trump’s Victory in the US Presidential Election?


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With the upcoming US presidential election looming, speculation abounds about which candidate Russia might prefer to see in the White House. Both contenders, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, carry their own sets of vulnerabilities and face scrutiny from various quarters.

Assessing the Candidates

Joe Biden’s critics point to concerns about his increasing age and cognitive abilities, while Donald Trump faces conceptual criticisms, often painted as a threat to democracy and US national interests. Trump’s alleged admiration for dictators and his perceived disdain for traditional American allies fuel speculation that he aims to overhaul US foreign policy entirely.

The Trump Factor

The notion that Russia favors Trump isn’t new and is often tied to assumptions that his presidency would be beneficial to Russian interests. However, history tells a different story. Despite initial expectations, US-Russia relations soured during Trump’s first term, marked by escalating sanctions and restrictions.

What to Expect

Should Trump secure a second term, what could this mean for Russia and the world? Trump’s background as a businessman shapes his approach, prioritizing pragmatic solutions over ideological agendas. His reluctance to engage in new military conflicts sets him apart from his predecessors.

The Business Mentality

Trump’s business acumen is a notable quality, focusing on multiplying gains rather than destroying adversaries. While his rhetoric may be abrasive, his actions often exhibit caution, especially in complex geopolitical situations.

America First

Trump’s stance on international affairs centers around “America First,” challenging the conventional US-led global order. His indifference to events in other countries raises questions about America’s role as a global leader.

Implications for Russia

While Trump may not hold pro-Russian sentiments, his reelection could lead to significant shifts in US foreign policy. A second Trump presidency might usher in a narrower agenda, creating opportunities for pragmatic cooperation on the global stage.

In conclusion, while the idea of Russia favoring Trump isn’t unfounded, the reasons behind it are more complex than mere affinity. Trump’s reelection could either intensify internal strife within the US or signal a fundamental shift in America’s international stance, with implications for the rest of the world.

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