Is COVID-19 Making a Comeback, or Just Trying to Win an Oscar?


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So, folks, it seems COVID-19 might be attempting a Hollywood-style comeback, complete with dramatic twists and turns. Will it succeed, or is this just another sequel no one asked for? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, remember to keep your masks and popcorn handy. And for our hot take on the situation – let’s just say this virus needs to work on its screenplay! More on this below, keep reading.

In recent times, concerns about COVID-19 variants have resurfaced in public discussions. This article will delve into the current situation, dispel misconceptions, and provide insight into the ongoing challenges posed by the virus.

The Renewed Interest in COVID-19 Variants

While public interest in COVID-19 vaccines has diminished significantly, the media has once again turned its attention to the evolving strains of the virus. This renewed focus aims to reignite caution and encourage people to consider mask-wearing once more.

Analyzing Recent Media Reports

CNN, among other news outlets, has been actively reporting on the latest developments. They claim that “everyone has COVID-19,” suggesting that the current wave may be more severe than official data indicates. However, it is crucial to critically examine the data behind such claims.

The True State of COVID-19

Contrary to alarmist reports, COVID-19 is no longer a widespread threat. Most infections now primarily affect individuals who have been vaccinated and may experience progressive immune weakening or vaccine-induced side effects. For the unvaccinated population, life continues with minimal disruptions.

Media’s Fear-Mongering Approach

CNN’s reporting relies on anecdotes from “family, friends, and coworkers” rather than concrete data. This approach personalizes the fear, potentially swaying their audience. This tactic is often employed to garner support for future measures, such as COVID 2.0, which some speculate might be planned for the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election.

Political Motivations Behind the Fear

The political landscape plays a significant role in the ongoing COVID narrative. Some believe that Democrats may use another “pandemic” as a means to keep people isolated, preventing in-person voting and potentially securing an easier “win.” This could involve pushing for mail-in ballots or even suspending elections if enough fear can be generated.

Economic Implications

The pandemic has reshaped consumer behavior, directing more funds toward e-commerce giants like Amazon. Continuous testing, mask mandates, and the introduction of new vaccines fuel demand and maintain the cash flow. Fear and mandates are powerful drivers of market activity.

The Future of COVID-19 Reporting

Media outlets like CNN appear willing to amplify concerns over new COVID variants. This might lead to aggressive promotion of booster vaccines and mask-wearing, despite evidence suggesting limited effectiveness. The possibility of school closures is not off the table, and teachers’ unions may support such measures.


Fortunately, a growing number of people are realizing that they were misled during the initial wave of COVID-19. As a result, there are fewer Americans who would willingly participate in a second act of this perceived tyranny.

The question remains: Will you adhere to another round of COVID-19 lockdowns and mask mandates if they are reinstated? The answer lies in the ongoing discourse and the ability of the public to critically evaluate the situation while considering their own well-being.

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