Is Covert Vaccination Ethical? Australian Government’s Directive Raises Concerns


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Ever heard of a surprise party where the guest of honor is, well, unaware they’re the guest? Welcome to the latest twist in healthcare courtesy of the Australian government, where vaccines are apparently slipping into the picture while your peacefully dozing off for your medical check-up. Move over, magician – doctors are now mastering the art of vaccine prestidigitation.

The Australian government recently issued a contentious notice directing medical practitioners to administer vaccines to patients who are unwilling while they are sedated or under anesthesia for unrelated medical procedures.

Government’s Unconventional Approach
Despite Australia being among the world’s most vaccinated nations, the government remains steadfast in its pursuit of achieving a 100% vaccination rate, irrespective of the consent of those undergoing vaccination.

Revelation in the Medical Community
Official advice from the Australian government to doctors echoes intelligence reports from nations associated with the World Economic Forum (WEF). Instances in countries like Canada hint at patients being vaccinated without their explicit knowledge or consent during surgical procedures.

Discrepancies in Vaccine Distribution
In an intriguing turn of events, Pfizer, a key player in vaccine distribution, made a startling admission in Australia. It was disclosed that the general public received different vaccine variants compared to the ones administered to Pfizer employees.

Pfizer’s Confidential Batch
During a Senate hearing, a Pfizer spokesperson acknowledged the existence of a distinct “special batch” of COVID-19 vaccine specifically designated for internal use among company employees. This particular batch differed significantly from the vaccine distributed to the wider population.

Interrogation and Acknowledgment
Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts led a rigorous inquiry into Pfizer Australia’s practices, directing pointed questions to Dr. Krishan Thiru, the Country Medical Director, and Dr. Brian Hewitt, the Head of Regulatory Sciences. This interrogation eventually led to Dr. Thiru admitting that Pfizer employees were indeed not administered the regular vaccine.

The unfolding events surrounding the Australian government’s directive and Pfizer’s admission have sparked significant debate and raised ethical concerns within the medical community and the public at large.

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