Is a Cashless Society Inevitable?


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In a world constantly evolving in the digital age, Dr. Michael Yeadon, the former vice president and chief scientist of Pfizer’s allergy and respiratory division, has emerged as a prominent voice of dissent against COVID-19 policies. Yeadon, a seasoned research scientist, predicts a future dominated by a cashless society where digital IDs and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) become mandatory within a decade.

As we delve into the intriguing question of whether a cashless society is on the horizon, we can’t help but wonder, are we all just destined to be digital pawns? With the rise of vaccine passports and global shifts toward digital control, the path seems clear. But who needs physical money anyway? After all, the digital realm offers limitless opportunities for surveillance and control. So, let’s embrace the future, where our every transaction is monitored, and privacy is a long-forgotten concept.

My Take: Who needs cash when you can have your every move tracked and controlled? Welcome to the brave new world of a cashless society!

Unusual Aspects of COVID-19 Outbreak

In a recent interview with inventor and entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, Yeadon discussed how his extensive scientific background led him to uncover peculiar facets of the COVID-19 outbreak and the strategies employed to combat it. One of the burning questions he grappled with was the rationale behind imposing lockdowns with “enormous financial consequences” for a relatively mild virus. Yeadon began to suspect that powerful entities, the “owners of assets and capital,” had endorsed these lockdowns.

Digital Control: The Ultimate Goal

Through meticulous analysis, Yeadon concluded that the driving force behind these measures was control, specifically digital control. He observed how the fear of the virus was exploited to mandate vaccine “passports,” granting access to businesses worldwide. These decisions, he noted, were part of a larger plan aimed at ushering in a cashless society under the governance of government-mandated digital passports.

Global Adoption of Digital Certification

Yeadon pointed out a significant development—the World Health Organization (WHO) adopting the European Union’s digital COVID-19 certification. He foresaw this evolving into a comprehensive vaccine passport system. According to a European Commission website, on July 1, 2023, the WHO embraced this digital certification system to establish a global framework safeguarding citizens from ongoing and future health threats, including pandemics.

Banking Restrictions: A Step Closer to Cashlessness

Highlighting the gravity of his concerns, Yeadon shared that his bank, National Westminster (NatWest), recently announced a cap on daily cash withdrawals at £250. Speculation among financial experts suggests that this move could drive society further toward a cashless future. It’s evident that Yeadon’s apprehensions resonate with others.

Preserving Freedom in a Cashless World

Yeadon firmly believes that individuals must retain some means of exchange that remain independent of government restrictions. He warns that a cashless society coupled with CBDCs would obliterate the last vestiges of freedom. Even when faced with potential financial restrictions, Yeadon refuses to embrace the impending cashless era. He recognizes this system as one that could be used to manipulate and harm countless lives.

Hope Amid Uncertainty

Both Yeadon and Kirsch acknowledge the challenges ahead. They foresee many succumbing to government-imposed controls in the event of another infectious disease outbreak. The difficulty of forgoing activities requiring vaccination, such as air travel, poses a significant hurdle. Kirsch proposes electing leaders who oppose such measures, but Yeadon believes it may be too late for this approach. Instead, he advocates forming grassroots alliances with like-minded individuals to resist future tyrannical mandates.

A Stark Warning for the Future

When asked about his predictions for the next five to ten years, Yeadon paints a grim picture. He envisions a future with “mandatory digital IDs” and cashless CBDCs unless concerted efforts are made to halt their implementation. In his words, this path leads to a world where freedom becomes a distant memory.

In conclusion, Dr. Michael Yeadon’s insights serve as a stark warning about the impending transition to a cashless society driven by digital control. As we navigate these uncertain waters, the preservation of individual freedoms remains a pressing concern, and the choices we make today will shape the world of tomorrow.

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