Harry and Meghan: From Royalty to Hollywood’s Biggest Setbacks


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Harry and Meghan, once hailed for their royal exit into Hollywood, now find themselves dubbed ‘Hollywood’s Biggest Setbacks’ following a scathing portrayal on South Park and the unraveling of their multi-million dollar deals, including a $20 million Spotify agreement.

In a candid critique by the Hollywood Reporter, the duo endured a harsh evaluation of their year in entertainment. James Hibberd, a prominent writer-at-large, spared no punches in dissecting the couple’s downward spiral, encompassing their Spotify fallout and the damning label of “f ** king grifters” from high-profile executive Bill Simmons.

Hibberd took aim at the Sussexes’ string of what he termed as “whiny projects,” ranging from the memoir ‘Spare’ to they’re Netflix documentary series, ‘Harry & Meghan.’ The pivotal moment, as described, was the South Park episode that mercilessly pricked their ‘sanctimonious bubble,’ bringing their overly earnest image crashing down.

The cartoon’s unapologetic 20-minute spoof titled ‘World-Wide Privacy Tour’ in March proved devastating, and this blow was followed by Spotify severing ties with their podcast, ‘Archetypes,’ while branding the duo as ‘grifters.’.

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield highlighted the impact of the couple’s appearance on this list, indicating potential ramifications for Meghan’s talent agency. Schofield emphasized the Hollywood Reporter’s influential status, underscoring the severity of the couple’s fall from grace in the entertainment realm.

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