Green Lies Unveiled: How COVID Mandates Might Just be a Ploy to Control Your Backyard Garden and Your Freedom


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In a jaw-dropping revelation, it appears that the COVID mandates enforced by certain leftist leaders might be a cunning prelude to seizing control not just over our health but, shockingly, over our very ability to grow our own food. Explore the sinister connections between pandemic restrictions, climate change narratives, and an unprecedented assault on personal freedom. Brace yourselves as we unravel the shocking truth behind the green lies that threaten your backyard garden and the autonomy it represents.

In early 2020, amidst the COVID lockdowns, disparate approaches emerged in blue and red states, revealing a stark contrast in governance strategies. This article delves into the questionable decisions made by leftist leaders, such as Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, and explores the potential hidden motives behind seemingly arbitrary restrictions. The focus shifts to recent research from the University of Michigan that suggests a surprising connection between homegrown foods and carbon emissions, raising concerns about broader implications for personal food independence.

Unraveling COVID Mandates: Blue vs. Red State Responses

As the COVID pandemic unfolded, the response from different states showcased varing degrees of adherence to mandates. Leftist-run blue states, like Michigan, took stringent measures, while red states, exemplified by Montana, opted for a more relaxed approach. This artcile investigates the motivations behind these decisions and their impact on public life.

Gretchen Whitmer’s Peculiar Mandates: A Prelude to Wider Restrictions?

Examining the actions of Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer during the pandemic reveals peculiar decisions, including a ban on selling garden supplies in larger stores. This section explores the possible motives behind such restrictions and their implications for individual freedom and and food independence.

The Climate Change Connection: From COVID Controls to Carbon Controls

A deeper analysis suggests a hidden agenda tied to climate change. The article explores the shift from COVID controls to a potential narrative of permanent or recurring lockdowns as a strategy to combat carbon emissions. The media’s role in shaping this narrative and the globalist perspective on climate lockdowns are dissected in this section.

The University of Michigan Study: Unraveling the Carbon Emission Debate

Recent research from the University of Michigan claims that homegrown foods contribute significantly more to carbon emissions than industrial farming. This section scrutinizes the study’s methodology and potential biases, shedding light on its implications for personal gardening and the broader climate change agenda.

Unveiling Globalist Agendas: Funding and Influence in Climate Studies

This section delves into the financial backing of climate studies, such as the one conducted by the University of Michigan. The article explores the influence of globalist organizations, like the European Union’s Horizon Program, in shaping narratives and pushing for carbon controls at both a global and individual level.

History Repeats: Obscure Studies Paving the Way for Government Interventions

Drawing parallels with past instances, this section highlights how seemingly insignificant studies, like the one from the Consumer Product Safety Commission on natural gas appliances, can pave the way for significant government interventions. The article emphasizes the importance of critically evaluating such studies to prevent undue influence on policy-making.

The Globalist Agenda: From Meat to Gardens, a Comprehensive Approach

Reflecting on past attempts to influence public opinion on meat production and carbon emissions, this section explores the potential consequences of the current war on farming in Europe. The article argues that the establishment’s agenda may extend beyond industrial farms to impact individual backyard gardens, posing a threat to personal food production.

Digital Feudalism: The Nexus Between Climate Change and Globalist “Net Zero” Programs

The final section connects the dots between globalist “net zero” programs, the concept of 15-minute cities, and the potential rise of digital feudalism. By scrutinizing the proposed systems from 2030 to 2050, the article raises questions about the monitoring and micromanagement of human activity in the name of combating climate change, hinting at a new societal structure where elites benefit at the expense of individual freedoms.

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