Global Health Odyssey: Rep. Greene’s Epic Battle Against the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty for Disease X


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In a world where political dramas unfold, the World Health Organization (WHO) finds itself facing the Herculean task of steering its so-called Pandemic Treaty for Disease X through the complex maze of U.S. politics. However, the journey seems to be fraught with challenges, especially with the formidable Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and her congressional comrades gearing up for a battle royale.

Rep. Greene’s Bold Stand: A Resounding “NO” to the Pandemic Treaty

In a recent Twitter spectacle, Rep. Greene wielded her digital sword, declaring an unwavering “hard NO” to the enigmatic Pandemic Treaty for Disease X. But she didn’t stop there– she took aim at what she perceives as a cacophony of global mischief.

” Let’s not just reject the treaty,” Rep. Greene boldly proclaimed. “Let’s also tell these cosmic pranksters to cease their celestial spray painting, quit toying with our groceries, and for heaven’s sake, stop crafting bio weapon monstrosities set on annihilating us all.”

The cryptic “spraying stuff in our skies” reference, of course, points directly at chemtrails or geoengineering– a climate control endeavor purportedly designed to “cool” our planet and prevent its impending “warmth” or, worse yet, meltdown.

( Related: Flashback to the suspension of Rep. Greene’s Twitter account– despite the glaring presence of unpunished child pornography accounts.).

Biden Regime’s IHR Amendments: A Potential Shackling of the U.S. to WHO.

As a distinguished member of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, Rep. Greene recently graced a hearing titled “Reforming the WHO: Ensuring Global Health Security and Accountability.” The focus? Scrutinizing the WHO’s effectiveness and credibility in tackling the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) saga.

During the hearing, Rep. Greene dissected the concerns echoing through the hearts of Americans regarding the Biden regime’s proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR)– a binding pact mandating member nations to diligently surveil international health threats.

” The International Health Regulations, the IHR, is the WHO’s grand vision for global public health cooperation,” declared Rep. Greene. “But here’s the kicker– in an October 2023 meeting, the amendment architects were told they need not unveil their masterpiece before the May 2024 assembly.”.

Rep. Greene sounded the alarm on perilous IHR tweaks, such as granting the WHO director-general (enter Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus) the unilateral power to declare public health emergencies sans Congressional consultation.

Moreover, the Biden regime’s IHR amendments flirt with the idea of allowing the WHO director-general to “act on public domain intel without member states’ nod” and erecting a “compliance committee” to wield their rule-enforcing scepter.

” I can assure you, my fellow Americans, the WHO dictating health decisions for us is about as populare as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs,” quipped Rep. Greene.

If some of these proposed changes see the light of day, sovereign nations, including the U.S., might find themselves dancing to the treaty’s tune– even if it means a constitutional toe-stepping.

” The Biden administration championed IHR amendments, introducing a shiny new compliance committee,” Rep. Greene cautioned. “This push towards a global health security state hinges on surveillance, which, let’s not forget, relies on data.”.

” Remember China? That’s their playbook– keeping an eye on their citizens. The treaty and IHR demand more sharing of personal health data under the guise of safety and outbreak prevention. It’s an invasion of privacy for the American people.”.

In the unfolding saga of global health governance, Rep. Greene stands as a staunch defender of individual liberties, wielding her rhetorical sword against the encroaching shadows of international health mandates. As the curtain rises on this theatrical battle, only time will reveal the fate of the WHO’s grand endeavor and the indomitable spirit of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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