Former President Trump Suggests NATO Wouldn’t Aid US in an Attack


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During a campaign event in Las Vegas, Nevada, former President Donald Trump expressed skepticism about NATO coming to the aid of the United States if it were attacked. He stated that the US is paying for NATO, but he doesn’t believe the alliance would be there if the US needed help in the event of an attack.

Trump’s comments echo his previous criticisms of NATO, which included calling the alliance “obsolete” in 2017. Throughout his presidency, he often raised concerns about NATO members not meeting defense spending commitments. Article 5 of the NATO Charter stipulates that an armed attack against one member state is considered an attack against all members, and they are obligated to respond.

Trump’s remarks come amid ongoing debates about the role and contributions of NATO members and the alliance’s relevance in contemporary geopolitical dynamics.

Source: Trump: NATO wouldn’t aid US if attacked by Al Jazeera

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