Foiled Assassination Plot against Tucker Carlson in Moscow Linked to Ukraine’s ‘Kill List’


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In a recent alarming development, Russian authorities have thwarted a sinister plan to assassinate the renowned US journalist Tucker Carlson during his visit to Moscow. The foiled plot involved a chilling scheme to detonate a car bomb targeting Carlson’s vehicle at the prestigious Four Seasons hotel in the heart of Moscow. Shockingly, the suspect behind this nefarious plan confessed to accepting a sum of $4000 to carry out the deadly attack before being apprehended by law enforcement.

The Alleged Assassination Scheme

The thwarted assassination attempt on Tucker Carlson is believed to have been orchestrated by Ukraine’s Intelligence, which reportedly added Carlson to its notorious “kill list” on the Myrotvorets platform. This move came in the wake of Carlson’s intention to conduct an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his stay in Moscow, sending shockwaves across international borders.

Understanding Myrotvorets and its Controversies

Myrotvorets, a website based in Kyiv, has gained infamy for maintaining a comprehensive list of individuals deemed as “enemies of Ukraine.” This list, often accompanied by personal details, is said to encompass individuals whose actions are perceived as detrimental to Ukraine’s national security and international interests. Tucker Carlson found himself on this contentious list due to his vocal opposition to Ukrainian President Zelensky and his recent interview with Putin, which raised concerns within the Ukrainian government about potential implications for ongoing geopolitical dynamics.

The Role of Myrotvorets in Ukraine

The Myrotvorets website, reportedly managed by Ukraine’s Security Service, serves as a tool for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to identify and monitor individuals deemed as threats to national security. This platform has been instrumental in the apprehension of numerous individuals, including suspected spies, activists, and religious figures, through its integration with government information systems.

Implications and Concerns

The revelation of an attempted assassination targeting Tucker Carlson underscores the complexities of modern geopolitical rivalries and the risks faced by journalists operating in volatile regions. The involvement of state-sponsored entities in such plots raises alarming questions about the safety and freedom of the press in an increasingly polarized world.


The foiled assassination attempt on Tucker Carlson serves as a stark reminder of the challenges confronting journalists and media personnel in their pursuit of truth and transparency. As geopolitical tensions continue to escalate, ensuring the safety and protection of journalists must remain a paramount priority for governments and international organizations alike. The incident also underscores the need for robust measures to counter threats posed by state-sponsored actors and safeguard the principles of free speech and independent journalism.

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