Extreme Makeover: Middle East Edition – Israeli Airstrikes Bring New Meaning to ‘Urban Redevelopment’


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In the latest edition of “Israel’s Architectural Critique,” the IDF decided to give Damascus a taste of their explosive urban redevelopment plan. The Mezzeh neighborhood in southwest Damascus was apparently in need of a facelift, and what better way to achieve that than with a couple of precision airstrikes?

Sources from the world of “Totally Non-Biased News Agencies” report that the Israeli jets were on a mission to send a strong message to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. Forget diplomatic channels; apparently, the international community has now adopted the “drop a building on them” approach to conflict resolution.

Unverified videos on social media showed a spectacular display of fireworks in the form of a major explosion, leaving the Mezzeh neighborhood with a modern, open-air concept. Who needs walls and roofs anyway? The Syrian government assured citizens that this was just a pilot episode of their new reality show, “Extreme Home Makeover: Middle East Edition.”

In an exclusive interview with the unofficial spokesperson for the rubble community, a pile of bricks expressed its disappointment at not being consulted on the matter. “I was quite happy supporting that wall, and now I’m just part of the debris. No consideration for architectural opinions whatsoever!”

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proudly proclaimed, “We’re not just attacking Iran; were redecorating the entire region!” Critics argue that this is just another episode of “Extreme Makeover: Middle East Edition,” with Netanyahu playing the role of the flamboyant host.

Syrian political analyst Taleb Ibrahim, in between dusting off his furniture from the rubble, declared that Syria has every right to collaborate with any country it wants. “Who needs intact buildings when you can have international partnerships?” he rhetorically asked while sifting through the remains of what used to be a living room.

As tensions rise and buildings fall, one can only hope that the Middle East soon adopts a more constructive approach to conflict resolution. Perhaps a giant game of Jenga could replace traditional peace talks? After all, it seems like they’re already quite skilled at bringing things down.

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