Exposed: Government Mandated Mass Euthanasia Scheme in NHS Before COVID Lockdown


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In a shocking revelation, an NHS insider has blown the lid off a clandestine operation orchestrated by the British government, ordering medical staff to carry out the mass euthanasia of millions of patients just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Graham Atkinson, a former senior figure within the NHS, made the decision to resign from his position in October 2021 after being privy to the government’s macabre directives, including the administration of lethal drugs like midazolam.

Unveiling the Government’s Grim Directive

The modus operandi was chillingly simple: administer drugs to hasten the demise of potentially infected patients in care homes, under the guise of ‘just-in-case’ measures. Atkinson witnessed a disturbing sequence of events unfold, as the government hurriedly altered death certification and cremation protocols alongside guidelines from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). These changes paved the way for a convenient narrative where COVID-positive patients were afforded a ‘comfortable’ demise, euphemistically termed as “a good death.”

The Covert Arsenal of Lethal Medications

At the heart of this sinister plot were the ‘just-in-case’ drugs, a lethal cocktail designed to induce unconsciousness and suppress respiration, ensuring a swift and supposedly painless exit. Atkinson shed light on the arsenal of pharmaceutical agents deployed for this purpose, including midazolam, known for its ability to render individuals unconscious. Coupled with drugs to alleviate anxiety and pain, these medications effectively facilitated the euthanasia of patients, cloaked in the guise of palliative care.

The Deception Unraveled

However, the narrative propagated by the authorities was built upon a foundation of falsehoods. Contrary to their claims of no viable treatments for COVID-19, emerging evidence showcased the efficacy of drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine in treating the disease. Atkinson lamented the manipulation of clinicians, who were fed a narrative of impending doom to justify draconian measures such as widespread ventilator usage. The grim scenes broadcasted across the globe served as a backdrop, amplifying the sense of urgency and obfuscating the truth.

Conclusion: A Grim Saga of Governmental Betrayal

The revelation of government-mandated mass euthanasia represents a chilling chapter in the annals of healthcare history. Under the guise of public health measures, the authorities orchestrated a sinister scheme that robbed countless individuals of their right to life. As the dust settles on this harrowing saga, questions linger about accountability and justice. In the quest for truth, it is imperative to confront the dark realities that lurk beneath the veneer of official narratives, lest history repeat itself.

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