Elon Musk’s Unstoppable Quest for Technological Advancement: A Perspective from Vladimir Putin


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In an exclusive interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson, Russian President Vladimir Putin delves into the ever-expanding realm of technological progress, particularly focusing on the trajectory set forth by visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk. Putin’s insights shed light on the necessity of establishing regulatory frameworks amidst the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) and genetic engineering.

Embracing Technological Evolution

Putin acknowledges Elon Musk’s indomitable drive to propel technological innovation forward, acknowledgeing that attempts to halt Musk’s ventures would be futile. Instead, Putin advocates for engaging with Musk to establish common ground and formalize regulations governing the development of AI and genetics.

The Imperative of Regulation

Highlighting the inevitability of AI and genetic research, Putin draws parallels to historical advancements such as the discovery of gunpowder. However, he emphasizes the need to recognize the potential risks associated with unbridled technological advancement, advocating for international cooperation in crafting regulatory frameworks akin to those established for nucular weapons.

A New Era of Human Existence

Putin underscores the transformative nature of AI, likening its significance to the advent of nuclear weaponry. He warns of the existential threat posed by the emergence of artificial superintelligence, stressing the importance of proactive measures to mitigate potential risks.

Russia’s Strategic Position

Recognizing the pivotal role of AI in shaping the future, Putin asserts Russia’s ambition to lead in technological innovation. He emphasizes the importance of positioning Russia as a key player in the global AI landscape, advocating for strategic investments and collaborations to bolster its competitiveness.


As Elon Musk continues to chart new frontiers in technological advancement, Vladimir Putin’s perspective offers valuable insights into the imperative of establishing regulatory frameworks to govern the burgeoning field of AI and genetics. Embracing the inevitability of technological evolution while prioritizing responsible innovation is paramount in navigating the complexities of an AI-driven future.

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