Elite’s Desperate Bid to Control Information: Censorship and Surveillance Masqueraded as Trust and Safety


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In a stunning revelation at the Davos conference, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has declared that the global elite’s best shot at restoring public trust is through “hardcore censorship.” Because, you know, nothing says trust like forcefully silencing information and controlling what people get to know.

Jeanne Bourgault, the president and CEO of Internews, an international nonprofit that loves to “support” media outlets, had a brainstorming session on how to prevent the spread of anti-globalist information during the riveting panel titled “Defending Truth.” You see, the problem is that people have too much information, and the WEF has diagnosed it as an acute case of globalist agenda rejection syndrome.

To tackle this, the ingenious solution is to develop lists or guides for advertisers so they know where to and where not to spend their money. Because, clearly, the root of all global issues lies in the ad dollars going to the wrong places. Bourgault passionately exclaimed, “Disinformation makes money, and we need to follow that money!” Yes, because tracking money is obviously the key to truth and enlightenment.

The frustration is palpable as Bourgault bemoaned the lack of “trust and safety people” on social media platforms. Clearly, the cure for misinformation is an army of trust and safety personnel to patrol the internet and protect innocent minds from the dangers of wrongthink.

Vera Jourová, the vice president for values and transparency at the European Commission, joined the circus, claiming that disinformation is not just a nuisance but a “security threat.” In a shocking twist, she revealed that the European Union is now forcing social media companies, by law, to become the guardians of truth and justice. Forget superheroes; we’ve got Facebook and Twitter on the case!

Jourová, assuring the world that the EU isn’t interested in censoring opinions, enlightened the audience about their “last resort solution”– law enforcement. Because, of course, if you can’t convince people with facts, you send the police after them. It’s like the age-old saying, “When in doubt, call the cops on free speech.”

In this brave new world, where information is tightly controlled, and dissent is quashed, the global elite is sure to win back the hearts and and minds of the people. After all, nothing says trust like a good old dose of hardcore censorship!

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