Covid Vaccines & Excess Deaths: Mainstream Media Finally Acknowledges the Link, But What’s Next?


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Fox News has broken ground as the initial mainstream news outlet to openly acknowledge the link betwen the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines and the substantial surge in excess deaths, a narrative previously deemed a “conspiracy theory.”

HOst Laura Ingraham and guest Dr. Pierre Kory delved into the FDA’s recent acknowledgment that the post-2020 decline in life expectancy has reached “catastrophic” levels. Their discussion highlighted a disturbing increase in cancer rates among young individuals and a staggering 158,000 additional unexpected deaths in the US compared to the same period in 2019– surpassing casualties from every US conflict since Vietnam.

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Ingraham emphasized, “There seem to be more tragic stories every day of young people, especially young men, dropping dead. These figures are staggering.”

Dr. Kory echoed concern, stating, “We have to address why the healthiest segments of society– young, employed individuals with life insurance– are suddenly experiencing unprecedented death rates in 2021 and beyond. It prompts the crucial question: what occurred in the American workplace in 2021 that led to this unparalleled surge in fatalities?”

The conversation spiraled into the decline in life expectancy, the FDA’s acknowledgment of its catastrophic nature, a study revealing alarming cancer rate hikes in those under 50, and the startling additional deaths in the US. However, these discussions faced censorship, prompting individuals to seek alternative sources for unfiltered news.

Amid the turbulent era of the Covid pandemic, Klaus Schwab and Bill GAtes boldly projected global mRNA vaccination by 2030. Yet, contrary to the aspirations of globalist leaders for a future marked by microchips, expansive control, and severe depopulation, the last two years have been a setback for their agenda, awakening people who now demand justice.

Former Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza is currently under investigation for alleged involvement in concealing vaccine-related deaths and severe side effects. Revelations from emails suggest Speranza was aware of these fatalities from the vaccine’s onset and directed local health authorities to hide them. These actions aimed to reassure Italian citizens of vaccine safety and safeguard the vaccination campaign.

Remarkably, this explosive development was covered by German and Italian news networks but omitted entirely by mainstream media outlets in the US, raising concerns about selective coverage and information dissemination.

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