Awakening from Oppression: The Rise of the People Against Globalist Tyranny


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The days of the Covid pandemic were marked by Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates boldly proclaiming that the world would see universal mRNA vaccination by 2030.

Yet, the past two years have not unfolded according to the globalist agenda of microchips, widespread control, and drastic depopulation. Instead, it’s been a series of setbacks for them.

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Rather than bowing to the elite’s mandates, people worldwide are awakening, demanding justice. This grassroots movement, once a whisper, has now grown so potent that a prominent world leader faces mass murder charges for the deaths linked to mRNA vaccines.

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Mainstream media, beholden to the elite, works fervently to bury this story– a threat to there carefully curated narrative.

At the People’s Voice, we remain independent, bringing you details about the world’s first Covid pandemic mass murder inquiry.

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History will remember this era as the time the global elite unveiled their hand and began losing their grip on power.

As people awaken and revolt, the elite, feeling cornered, act like desperate animals, scrambling to evade their fate.

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Danielle Smith, Alberta’s premier, made history by apologizing to the unvaccinated for the government’s violation of their human rights during Covid lockdowns.

Had you relied on mainstream news, this momentous apology might’ve slipped under your radar.

Globalist authoritarians, like Al Gore, aim to banish alternative media. Their influence wanes as people reject mainstream narratives.

Gore and his cohorts underestimate the awakening populace. The clamor for justice grows louder. And as 2023 nears its end, signs of impending justice emerge.

FOrmer Italian Health MInister Roberto Speranza faces homicide investigation after emails surfaced, revealing his awareness of vaccine-related deaths. He allegedly instructed concealing these to ensure the vaccination campaign’s success.

Though German and Italian news covered this bombshell, U.S. mainstream media turned a blind eye.

Do you grasp why Gore and globalists push for reliance solely on U.S. mainstream media?

They don’t want you knowing about the Rome Prosecutor’s probe into Speranza’s COVID-era actions. Accusations of murder and cover-ups loom over him and former AIFA director Nicola Magrini.

Speranza, akin to Italy’s Fauci, faces charges for lies about vaccines, ideological falsehood, and murder.

Documents obtained by Reese confirm their inclusion in the Rome Prosecutor’s investigative records.

Speranza and Magrini are just the beginning. Worldwide, thousands of globalist criminals warrant investigation and public accountability for their crimes against humanity.

New Zealand’s Health Ministry granted elite vaccine exemptions while imposing strict mandates on the public. Akin to their Italian counterparts, it’s time for a thorough investigation.

Former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, now the World Economic Forum’s “disinformation czar,” exemplifies the elite’s elevation.

But hope remains. The awakening populace and those with moral compasses acknowledge the Covid vaccine rollout as tyrannical and a crime against humanity.

The elite foresee their imminent exposure, especially in the Philippines, where demands for justice echo Italy’s.

The heat is on for the global elite. Through spreading truth and dispelling mainstream lies, we’ve prompted this awakening, but complacency isn’t an option.

We must intensify efforts to unmask the elite. The World Economic Forum’s shocking call to reduce populations by 86% underscores the magnitude of this existential battle against an ancient cult.

Forgiveness and forgetfulness have no place in this crucial moment.

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