Covid Criminals Must Face Military Tribunals: The Call for Justice by Stew Peters


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Unveiling the Plight of Covid Criminals

In a bold stance against the globalists wreaking havoc on humanity, Stew Peters, a prominent figure in American media, is rallying for justice. With fervor akin to a battle cry, he demands nothing short of military tribunals for those deemed responsible for the Covid chaos.

Championing Accountability: Stew Peters Takes a Stand

Peters, renowned as a producer, director, and writer, isn’t one to mince words. His recent proclamation is crystal clear: Covid criminals must be held accountable through the iron grip of military tribunals. In his impassioned plea, he vehemently asserts, “These parasites should be thrown in front of military tribunals one after another and then pay for what they’ve done.”

Escalating the Media Revolution: Peters’ Battle Cry

Peters, a torchbearer in the media revolution, has unleashed scathing criticism on the establishment. His 2022 documentary, “Died Suddenly,” laid bare the grim reality of Covid ‘vaccines’ being nothing short of deadly bio-weapons. He boldly contends that these inoculations have indiscriminately claimed lives across the globe, sparking a wave of sudden deaths.

Justice on the Horizon: Peters Foresees Accountability

Amidst the chaos, Peters remains undeterred in his pursuit of justice. He adamantly believes that the perpetrators behind the staggering death toll, which he deems nothing short of “mass murder,” will face the reckoning they deserve. “It’s time for extreme accountability,” he declares, echoing the sentiments of countless individuals disillusioned by the rampant disregard for human life.

Final Thoughts: A Call to Arms Against Injustice

In the face of adversity, Stew Peters stands as a beacon of hope, rallying the masses in a crusade against tyranny. His unwavering resolve and unwavering dedication to truth and justice serve as a clarion call to all who dare to challenge the status quo. As the clamor for accountability grows louder, the dawn of a new era looms on the horizon—one where the perpetrators of injustice are held to account, and humanity reclaims its rightful place in the annals of history.

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