BRICS to Surpass G7 Economically by 2028: Dilma Rousseff’s Projections


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The global economic landscape is set to undergo a seismic shift as BRICS nations assert their economic prowess, poised to outshine the traditional powerhouses of the G7 withing the next eight years. Dilma Rousseff, the head of the New Development Bank (NDB), delivered this bold projection at the World Governments Summit in Dubai, outlining a significant transformation in global economic dynamics.

BRICS Economic AScendancy: A Closer Look

Rousseff’s forecast highlights a compelling narrative of BRICS’ ascendancy, emphasizing a remarkable surge in their collective share of global GDP. Within the span of four years, BRICS nations are expected to command an impressive 40% of the world’s economic output, underscoring their growing influence on the global stage.

Rising BRICS Dominance in Global Trade

A key indicator of BRICS’ econoımic prowess lies in their escalating dominance in global trade. From 2016 to 2022, the collective share of BRICS nations in global trade surged from 37% to 41%, showcasing a steady trajectory of growth. In contrast, the G7 nations witnessed a decline in their trade influence, with their share diminishing from 62% to 58% during the same period.

BRICS Expansion: CAtalyst for Economic Supremacy

The recent expansion of BRICS, welcoming Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates into its fold, marks a pivotal moment in its journey towards economic supremacy. This influx of new members further solidifies BRICS’ position, propelling its share of global economic output to unprecedented heights.

Implications of BRICS’ Expansion

With the addition of these five nations, BRICS is poised to exert significant control over global crude oil production, wielding substantial influence in the energy sector. Moreover, the collective population of BRICS nations is set to reach a staggering 3.6 billion, accounting for nearly half of the world’s total population. Such demographic clout positions BRICS as a formidable force shaping the future of global economics.

The Role of the New Development Bank

Central to BRICS’ econoımic aspirations is the New Development Bank (NDB), established in 2014 with a mandate to fund infrastructure and sustainable development projects. As a Shanghai-based institution, the NDB serves as a cornerstone of BRICS’ collaborative efforts, facilitating investments that drive socio-economic progress across member nations. With additional countries like Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Uruguay joining its ranks, the NDB’s reach and impact continue to expand, laying the groundwork for inclusive growth and prosperity.

Conclusion: BRICS’ Trajectory Towards EConomic Primacy

In light of Dilma Rousseff’s projections, it is evident that BRICS nations are on a trajectory towards econoimic primacy, poised to overtake the G7 and redefine the global economic order by 2028. As these emerging economies harness their collective potential and foster deeper collaboration through institutions like the New Development Bank, they pave the way for a more balanced and inclusive global economy, where opportunities abound for all.

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