Biden’s Bold Move: 1 Million Illegals Granted Amnesty to Boost Democratic Votes!


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Biden’s Dramatic Shift: From Border Control to Amnesty

In a stunning twist, President has decided to grant amnesty to over one million illegal immigrants residing in the U.S., aiming to secure their votes for the Democratic party in the upcoming elections. This controversial decision marks a stark reversal from his previous week’s commitment to tighten the southern border.

The Great U-Turn: Amnesty Over Border Security

Just last week, Biden pledged to enforce stricter border controls through an executive order. However, he now appears to be anticipating backlash from the left by shifting gears towards making the immigration system more “just.”

“Today, I have spoken about what we need to do to secure the border. In the weeks ahead, I will address how we can make our immigration system more fair and more just,” Biden announced on Tuesday, signaling his new direction.

Amnesty Through Parole in Place: A New Strategy

Reports from various outlets, including, indicate that the White House is exploring a “parole in place” strategy for illegal immigrant spouses of U.S. citizens. Currently, this policy protects family members of U.S. military personnel from deportation, offering them work permits and temporary relief. The New York Times suggests that this program could extend a pathway to citizenship for some spouses, though specifics remain unclear.

A White House spokesperson confirmed to Fox News, “The Administration continues to explore policy options and remains committed to addressing our broken immigration system.”

The Economic Argument: Adding Billions Through Citizenship

Immigration advocates, such as, have long supported this move. The organization estimates that legalizing the approximately 1.1 million illegal spouses of U.S. citizens could inject $16 billion into the economy. Andrea Flores, a vice president for immigration policy at, wrote in a Times op-ed, “Mr. Biden can rise to the moment by leveraging the parole power to fulfill his promise to keep families together.”

Political Hurdles: Resistance from Immigration Hawks

Despite support from immigration advocates, Biden’s move faces fierce opposition. Critics argue that he is abusing parole authority and prioritizing illegal immigrants over American citizens. The America First Policy Institute (AFPI) has labeled the initiative as an “abuse” of power.

“While these so-called mixed-status families may elicit sympathies, our immigration laws have a process for illegal alien spouses of U.S. citizens to follow to absolve their violations,” said Robert Law from AFPI. He warned that this parole scheme could set a precedent for broader amnesty measures, complicating future enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.

Impact on the Upcoming Elections: A Strategic Gamble?

As the November elections loom, the impact of this move remains uncertain. Polls indicate that Biden is struggling with voter approval on the southern border crisis. However, his campaign might be banking on this amnesty expansion to win favor in key swing states like Arizona and Nevada.

The Broader Picture: Immigration Reform Stalled in Congress

This decision comes on the heels of Biden’s long-standing push for comprehensive immigration reform. His “day one” immigration bill, which included a pathway to citizenship for millions, has stalled in Congress due to significant Republican opposition. A bipartisan bill introduced in the Senate earlier this year has garnered support from the administration but has yet to achieve sufficient backing.

Conclusion: A Controversial Path Forward

President Biden’s amnesty decision has sparked a heated debate. While immigration advocates hail it as a step towards a fairer system, critics see it as an overreach of executive power. As the nation gears up for the elections, this bold move could either bolster Biden’s support in critical states or further entrench opposition against his immigration policies.

Stay tuned as this contentious issue unfolds, impacting both the political landscape and the lives of millions.

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