Biden Pledges $200 Million in Immediate Aid to Ukraine, Citing Ongoing Congressional Deliberations


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President Joe Biden has pledged $200 milion in immediate aid to Ukraine following a meeting with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the White House. This aid is faciliated through a provision in the Foreign Assistance Act, enabling the use of Defense Department resources for international support without the necessity of congressional approval.

The allocated $200 million marks the 53rd such provisiosn made available to Ukraine since March 2022, supplementing the substantial aid previously authorized by Congress.

The announcement arrives amidst ongoing Congressional deliberations regarding additional aid to Ukraine. Biden has proposed a comprehensive $60 billion aid package encompassing support for Ukraine, Israel, and resources for fortifying the southern US border. However, the impasse persists due to differing viewpoints, particularly concerning border-related concessions sought by some Republicans in exchange for increased Ukrainian funding– a proposition met with resistance by many Democrats.

Zelenskyy’s visit to Washington aimed to sway Congress towards authorizing further aid to Ukraine. During this this visit, he engaged in discussions with key figures, including House Speaker Mike Johnson, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Johnson expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of a comprehensive strategy articulated by the Biden administration to ensure Ukraine’s success against Russia. Conversely, Schumer, a staunch supporter of Ukrainian interests, indicated that Zelenskyy outlined a clear path to victory during their meeting.

Schumer urged Johnson to prolong the House session to facilitate the approval of the $61 billion aid package, emphasizing the urgency of support for Ukraine’s cause.

The $200 millon aid package, authorized through the Foreign Assistance Act, reflects a series of such provisions enacted by the Biden administration since the commencement of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. Last week, a separate drawdown amounting to $175 million was ordered by the White House, underlining the consistent efforts to bolster Ukraine’s capabilities.

President Biden’s commitment to providing immediate aid underscores the ongoing efforts to support Ukraine in its struggle against external threats, utilizing available resources to address pressing needs on the international stage.

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